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Why Does it say "Do Not Shake" on Sharpie Permanent Markers

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Why do Sharpies say: Do Not Shake?
Pretty much every home in the U.S. has a Sharpie in their junk drawer. If you have teenage girls, then you may even have a colorful assortment of Sharpie permanent markers on-hand. Have you ever looked at them closely?

If so, you may notice that on some Sharpie markers, it says: "Do not shake." There is a perfectly good reason for this. It may be simpler than you think.

The Real Reason Why it says "Do Not Shake" on a Sharpie

Question: Why do Sharpie permanent markers say do not shake?
Alt Question: Why do Sharpies say do not shake?

You may be wondering why some Sharpie permanent markers say: "Do not shake"
- There is a good reason for this.

Sharpies are filled with permanent ink. If that ink was to be dripping from a Sharpie, it would splatter if you flick or shake the Sharpie permanent marker. Permanent ink stains the surfaces that it bleeds onto. This is the main reason not to shake a Sharpie. The ink splatters are permanent and can ruin clothes.

Even if the ink does not splatter, if the marker falls out of a your hand, it could drop and mark your pants, or put a permanent ink spot on the carpet. So, you can deal with an ink splatter or an ink bleed if you are careless with an open Sharpie.

Do you really want your favorite jeans or dress stained with permanent ink?

Another Possible Reason for the "Do Not Shake" Warning

Another potential reason for the "Do not shake" warning on a Sharpie, is that the cap of the Sharpie could fill up with ink when you flick or shake the marker. Then, when opened, the ink cap could spill permanent ink everywhere, creating quite a mess. The resulting clean up will not be fun.

Story about a Co-Worker Shaking a Highlighter

One time a co-worker held a yellow highlighter in her hand. She was flicking the marker between her thumb and forefinger. She did this for a few minutes. Minutes later, she looked down and noticed yellow highlighter ink was splattered all over papers on her desk.

They should have put "Do not shake" on the highlighter, because the ink can splatter. This is the same reason why a Sharpie says, "Do not shake."

Simple Sharpie Permanent Marker Crafts

  1. Get out the wax paper. Let the kids color the wax paper in squares, and the result looks like stained glass.
  2. If you draw on a cheap plate with a Sharpie, then bake it for 30 min. at 150 degrees to make it permanent. P.S. White dishes can be embellished with Gold and Silver Sharpies.
  3. Paint a vinyl chair white. Draw a design on it with a black Sharpie.
  4. Color white knobs on dressers with a Teal Sharpie to create a Faux Malachite knob.

Do not shake Sharpie markers

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