Sunday, February 26, 2012

Denzel Washington's "Safe House" Isn't Quite "Fallen" But Close

The latest Hollywood trend continues in the movie, Safe House (2012), starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.

Safe House movie poster
What is the latest Hollywood trend, you ask?

It's quite simple really. Write a script for a standalone movie, and kill all of the characters in the movie, except the main character.

The last sentence above is a spoiler if you were planning on watching the movie.

Or, if you really want to throw the audience a curveball, even kill off the main character, as seen in the other Denzel Washington movie, Fallen (1998).

Oops. That was another spoiler, if you haven't seen that one, either.

Denzel Washington playing Det. John Hobbes in Fallen (1998)

In Safe House, Denzel fights corrupt government officials, while in Fallen, Denzel fights people corrupted by the demon, Azazel.

So let's recap: If Hollywood plans on making a movie franchise, don't kill the main characters, so there can be lots of sequels, but if it is a throwaway movie (a standalone), kill off all of the characters except numero uno, so the viewers can have a feel good moment at the end.

Is anyone else out there getting tired of the stale formulas and ready for unpredictable movies that are actually good, or is it just me?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Transformers 4: Do You Want More CGI Robots or Real Steel?

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Do you want another Transformers movie?

Michael Bay has confirmed that he is signed on to direct Transformers 4, expected in theaters June 29, 2014.

Shia Labeouf has previously said that he was not coming back for more sequels in this franchise.

Actor Shia Lebeouf

They have also confirmed that this movie will not be a reboot of the franchise, but will be a continuation of the series, with a new storyline.

Most trilogies are failures because Hollywood is trying to make a buck, rather than making a great movie. For more on this common recurrance read my article, Trilogies Should Follow These Simple Rules.

Honestly, the Transformer movies sequentially have bigger explosions with each installment, and increase the robot on robot action, but lack in human connectibility. We have a hard time relating to cold, hard steel.

Real Steel movie poster
However, the movie, Real Steel (2011), did what the Transformers franchise could not - connect with the audience. In this Hugh Jackman movie, a father and son train a sparring robot to fight in the big leagues with robot boxers. This movie connected with those who had a rocky relationship with their father or son.

Real Steel: Hugh Jackman teaching robot his boxing moves

I really enjoyed the movie, Real Steel, and would recommend it to anyone over the Transformer movies.

Now, check out the new Chevy Sonic RS that will be in Transformers 4.

Transformers 4 Chevy Sonic RS
Chevy Sonic RS in Transformers 4

Monday, February 13, 2012

Eli Frank From Singapore Email Scam

Just this week, I received yet another email phishing scam. This time it was from a Sister Eli Frank from Singapore. Her email address is:

Read the email below:

Good day, My Beloved Friend.
As I said early, I am Mrs. Eli.J.E.Frank from Singapore, married to Late Engr John Frank {PhD} who worked with MULTINATIONAL OIL COMPANY EXXON AS A DRILLING RIG SUPPLIER in Kuwait for 19 years he died on 31st July 2006 on a plane crash with other passengers, We were married for seventy years with only one child.our only child died after the dead of my beloved husband at the age of 11 years and she died after a motor accindent,we were lovely and happy family full of fun and thanking God for making us a wonderfull family. before the dealth of my beloved husband he deposited the sum of { $2,142,728.00 US Dollars} with a bank In EUROPE and this fund is presently with the bank awaiting my disbursement as beneficiary and next of king to the funds. Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next Four months due to cancer Problem. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a church, organization or good person that will use this fund to build an orphanage home which was the dream of my late husband.
l took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money. I kept this deposit secret till date; this is why I am taking this decision. I don't think I will need any telephone communication in this regard because of the confidentiality of this transfer. Upon your reply I shall give you the contact of the bank. I will also issue a letter of authorization to the bank that will prove you the present beneficiary of this money.

I am very grateful to you for the interest shown in my plight and I want to assure you that will be greatly rewarded for what you have chosen to do. Although we are knowing each other for the first time but I believe our heavenly father has directed me to you as I prayed and searched over the internet for assistance because I saw your profile on Microsoft EMAIL owners list and picked you. Be assured you stand no risk as this is my money, I and my late husband labored for it and me as the next of kin has the sole power to donate the funds to whoever I want. I am a religion women and take delight only in the things of our father in heaven and I have prayed a lot on this already and I believe so much in the manifestation of God that I know he will not fail me and I want you to know that you have to be strong in your faith as he {almighty} will surely strengthen you. My husband’s relatives will misuse this fund because they have sold my entire late husband’s wealth and property left behind. they have sold virtually all we have here in Solomon Island, As I am here in the hospital they are around me they wait to hear that I am dead so that they lay their hands on my last belongings here on earth, But that does not bother me because things of the earth are canal, I do not want them to know about this deposit that is why I am communicating with you only on email and I am making communication with the finance firm also who understands my predicament.

All I need is your absolute trust, commitment, confidentiality and honesty because I want to see my late husband’s vision fulfilled before I leave this sinful world. My spirit directed me to you as I prayed and searched over the internet for someone to help me since I can no longer trust my family members and friends and I do not want this particular deposit to be used for things of the world. I will want you to get back to me that you will be absolutely honest about this transaction and you will use this money to the Glory of God. Also you have to assure me you will keep this transaction confidential and you will be willing to contact the finance firm which is located in EUROPE and finalize all necessary formalities as to the release of the fund to you.

I will also want to know a little more about you regarding your life, your spiritual life what you do for a living so as for me to know you well. I require your urgent response, if you are trustworthy and willing to help me finalize this transactions that i will immediately write my chamber to prepare a court injunction/power of attorney making you beneficiary to my fund ,some copy of other documents are with the finance firm as I sent it to them for safe keeping so my family members will not lay their hands on it. To prepare this document I will require your full names and address. With this document you will contact the finance firm to arrange the transfer of the fund to you. As soon as you have received the fund then you will help me set up charity or distribute it to charity organizations and hospitals. I pray to be alive when you receive this fund and start this project so that you can visit me here if you wish to.

I will be very happy if you can stand and fulfill this work of God wish you have been called to do.

Sister Eli Frank

If you receive this email, do not respond with your personal information, because it is a scam designed to steal your identity and money.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Will Jonah Hill Get Oscar for Moneyball?

Moneyball movie poster
Jonah Hill, known most for his comedic roles in movies, proved to the world that he could be serious in his role as Peter Brand, a statistics guy from Yale, in Moneyball.

In this movie, he played a supporting role to Brad Pitt, playing Billy Beane, the Oakland A's general manager.
Jonah Hill shows off watch given to him by Brad Pitt

In an ABC interview, Jonah revealed that Brad Pitt gave him a watch while filming the movie, with the inscription inside reading: Moneyballs. This turned out to be the inside joke between him and Brad Pitt.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain?
Loss: Jonah Hill lost almost 40 lbs. after doing the movie, Moneyball, attributing his weight loss to maturity. But he shares that he doesn't like to give up beer.

Apparently his acting friends Seth Rogen and Jason Segel also have lost weight and may have been an extra incentive behind Jonah Hill's weight loss. Jonah Hill stars in The End of the World (2013) with Seth Rogen and Jason Segel. In The End of the World, celebrity comedians are at a James Franco party playing themselves. How original.

Gain: But after doing 21 Jump Street, Jonah Hill put the weight back on. This May 2012 article from shows a picture of Jonah Hill at his former weight.

Jonah Hill revealed that the defining moment for him in the movie was when he had to fire a player. He shared that this was the moment when he "grew up" onscreen.

For more on Jonah Hill's interview, watch it here.

According to his Wikipedia entry (here), Jonah Hill directed his first music video for singer Sara Bareilles's song, "Gonna Get Over You," and will be seen soon in the movie, 21 Jump Street.

Find out if Jonah Hill wins an Oscar on February 26, 2012 airing on ABC.

Update (02/27/2012): Moneyball did not win any Oscars. Sorry Jonah Hill.

Jonah Hill in suit

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