Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alton Brown Hosts Cuttthroat Kitchen on Food Network

Alton Brown as host of Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network

When Cutthroat Kitchen comes on Food Network, Alton Brown opens up with the following monologue:
"I have one hundred thousand dollars of cold, hard cash in this briefcase. Four chefs get twenty-five thousand dollars each. If they want to leave this kitchen with any of the cash, they have to survive three culinary challenges, and…each other. In a game where sabotage is not only encouraged, it’s for sale. It’s a game we like to call…Cutthroat Kitchen."

Alton Brown is a Perfect Host for Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network

Alton Brown makes an excellent host of this show, especially since we know he is a food expert from his previous show, Good Eats on Food Network. It seems very fitting that he is now the host of Cutthroat Kitchen.

There are times when he might feel sorry for a Food Network contestant on the show, and he might give them a quick tip to get them going. There are also times when he sees a contestant cheating, and docks them money for breaking the rules. Overall, I think Alton Brown is a pretty fair host and judge on the show.

What are the names of the Cutthroat Kitchen Season 3 Episodes?

Cutthroat Kitchen Season 3 Episodes

  1. A Few Good Ramen
  2. Breakfast in Bed
  3. Two Chefs in a Pod
  4. Chain of Tools
  5. Tso Good
  6. The Rice Stuff
  7. Ladel-Ayheehoo
  8. Life's a Mystery...Meat
  9. Judging Judges
  10. Panini, Meeny, Miny, Moe
What are the names of the Cutthroat Kitchen Season 4 Episodes?

Cutthroat Kitchen Season 4 Episodes

  1. I Can't Believe It's Not Udder
  2. You Wanna Pizza This?
  3. Anything but a Cake Walk
  4. Big Trouble in Little Chinese Chicken Salad
  5. Welcome to the Jungle
  6. I like my Peppers Pulverized
  7. Two Chefs, One Toga
  8. Ho-Ley Pot
  9. Superhero Sabotage
  10. The Eggs-Orcist
  11. When in Rome, Cook on a Scooter
  12. Chili'd to the Bone
  13. Tongue Thai-Ed
What are the names of the Cutthroat Kitchen Season 5 Episodes?

Cutthroat Kitchen Season 5 Episodes

  1. Crabs of Steel
  2. Tos-Ta-Da

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