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Questions about The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

The Season 4 finale of the a Walking Dead is titled "A." It is season 4, episode 16. The summary of this episode is that things are not what they seem at this so called sanctuary they made it to.

Terminus is not a 'Sanctuary for All'

What will the cast of Walking Dead learn about Terminus?

Some speculate that Terminus is run by Cannibals. Eew! That's just gross.

What was that lady cooking on the grill when they entered Terminus?

Good question, and by the way, where was everybody? 

Terminus is supposed to be a place where "everybody survives," according to the signs. Okay, so where are all the survivors?

Meanwhile, the gang of hardened criminals are closing in on Terminus, and they don't plan on "playing nice."

Should we be concerned about this gang of murderers, rapists, and thieves that Darryl is traveling with? Yes. 

One of them saw Rick under the bed, and they plan on getting revenge on Rick for killing their group member on the toilet. I think Darryl will lay low and if they attempt to attack Rick, Darryl will stop them.

Otherwise, Rick is as good as dead.

There are so many things that viewers want to know about Terminus, and where are all the people?

Will viewers get to find out what happened to Beth and who kidnapped her?

Rest assured, many things will be revealed on the season 4 finale of Walking Dead, airing March 30 on AMC.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

After watching the Walking Dead Season 4 finale, there are three things that remain unanswered (spoilers):

  1. Where is Carol and Tyrese and baby Judith?
  2. Where is Beth?
  3. Is Terminus a city of cannibals?

Rick is Past the Point of No Return

Rick is to his breaking point. He bit off a man's throat. This situation was literally life or death for him. Another gang member was going to rape and kill his son, Carl. The leader says that they are going to do the same to Michonne. Two of the marauders attempt to beat Darryl. Rick frees himself then kills the others. He is not playing anymore.

It is interesting that at one point of this season, he was willing to put down his gun and become a farmer. That was abruptly taken from him, so now he has moved to the other extreme. He is taking out his anger and frustration on anyone that tries to harm his group.

Rick Captured in Terminus Does Not End Well

Rick questions where Alex (of Terminus) got Hershel's watch, and where the riot gear came from. They lie to Rick's face. They told Rick they got the items from dead bodies. Lies. Then a sniper shoots Alex, leaving Rick without a hostage.

As they are herded through a Terminus maze, they go through a candle-filled room that says on the wall, "Never Again. Never Trust. We First, Always."

Hopefully this will be explained in detail in The Walking Dead, Season 5.

Rick ends the episode by saying: "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out..." Abraham says, "Find out what?" Rick finished by saying: "...they're screwing with the wrong people."

Uh-oh. Rick isn't gonna be herded into a cattle car and just roll over for these bullies at Terminus.

Guess we'll see what happens next in the season premiere of Season 5.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kanye West Buys Kim Kardashian 10 International Burger King Franchises

Kanye West holding a camera
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian; source Flickr CC; by Alexis 

Does Kim Kardashian want a burger?

Too late now. She's got 'em whether she likes them or not.

Kanye West Snaps up International Burger Kings for Kim Kardashian

Kanye West has bought Kim Kardashian 10 Burger King franchises across France, the UK, and Italy for Kim Kardashian. So you could say that she is going to be an international businesswoman.

Is this a wedding present, or just a demonstration of his love for her?

An anonymous source tells news reporters: "As always, Kanye is thinking outside the box when it comes to gifts for Kim...Kanye wants to buy her 10 restaurants across France, the UK, and Italy, making her a real international businesswoman."

The source told the Daily Star news, "He knows the fast food industry is reliable and lucrative, plus Burger King is international so he thinks it's the perfect fit for Kim. That's where he sees her future career, away from reality TV."

It is public knowledge that Kanye West is no stranger to fast food. He already owns branches of Chicago's Fatburger fast food chain, so Burger King was a natural fit for Kanye.

Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian in October 2013 in a ballpark, which caught her off guard. She said "Yes!" and the rest was history.

Zillow Poll Respondents are Not Fans of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 

Back in 2013, real estate blog, Zillow, took a poll and at least 25% of respondents said that they would not want to live next to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, making them the "Worst Neighbors of 2013." The "Most Desirable Neighbor of 2013" was Jimmy Fallon.

Back in January 2013, Kim and Kanye bought a home in Bel Air for around $11 million, and renovating it to have 14,000 square feet total. Their new neighbors are Chris Paul and Jennifer Anniston.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Bel Air House

LAPD Fingerprinted and Took Mug Shot of Kanye West

Kanye West appeared at the Hollywood LAPD to have his mug shot taken and fingerprinted after getting furious with paparazzo back in 2013. As a result of his rage, he has to do 24 sessions of anger management, and serve 250 hours of community service, in addition to his two years of probation.

TMZ reports that it took Kanye West only 49 minutes to get booked at the Hollywood LAPD station. They know, because they were waiting outside to take his picture. He went in on March 27, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spider-Man: Details about Spider-Verse Comic Book Series Coming in November 2014

Spider-Verse promotional cover art

Spider-Verse comic book series is coming, whether you know about it or not.

Q&A about the Upcoming Spider-Verse Comic Book Series

What is Spider-Verse?

Spider-Verse is a Marvel universe where all known versions of Spider-Man are brought together in one comic book series.

Who is the writer for Spider-Verse?

Spider-Verse is written by writer Dan Slott. Many Spider-Man fans are excited that Dan Slott is writing the Spider-Verse comic book series.

When will Spider-Verse series be available?

Spider-Verse will be available at comic book stores November 2014.

How many bad guys are in Spider-Verse series?

There is one main bad guy that purposely brings all of the Spider-Man versions together in an attempt to absorb their power. It is unknown if there are more bad guys, but it is possible to see others.

Will Miles Morales be in Spider-Verse?

Yes, Miles Morales will be in the Spider-Verse series.

How many versions of Spider-Man will be seen in Spider-Verse?

This figure is unknown.

Spider-Man Editor Calls Spider-Verse 'Epic'

Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe says, "The scope of this event is so big, the word 'epic' just doesn't do it justice."

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Coming to Theaters

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters starting May 2, 2014. Peter Parker will be played by Andrew Garfield. The Screen Story was written by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci & Jeff Pinkner & James Vanderbilt.

In this movie, Spider-Man meets bad guy, Electro, and puts the puzzle together to learn that Oscorp. is somehow connected to all of the bad guys emerging.

Judge Joe Brown Arrested After Courtroom Argument with Magistrate in Shelby County

Shelby County Judge Joe Brown
Judge Joe Brown speaking

Even courtroom TV personalities can be arrested and thrown in jail. This is the case for former Judge Joe Brown on Monday, who has had his own courtroom TV show for 15 years before it was cancelled.

Judge Joe Brown Arrested After Courtroom Argument with Magistrate Harold Horne

Judge Joe Brown was arrested on March 24, 2014 after being found in contempt of court in Shelby County (Memphis, TN).

Judge Joe Brown came to court to represent a person in a child-support case. Judge Joe Brown got a little upset when Shelby County Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold Horne told his courtroom that the case would not happen that afternoon. That's when Judge Joe Brown was ticked off. He went on a tirade in front of everyone in the courtroom, and was then arrested.

Judge Joe Brown back in Shelby see the Jail

Magistrate Harold Horne found Judge Joe Brown in contempt of court five times, yes five times, before they were able to drag Judge Joe Brown out of the courtroom in handcuffs. He was booked in the Shelby County jail after being arrested.

Yahoo! Celebrity points out that Judge Joe Brown was a former Shelby County criminal judge. So who knows, maybe Judge Joe Brown will run into someone he put in jail many years ago.

Chief Magistrate Dan Michael was in the courtroom with Judge Joe Brown went off on Magistrate Harold Horne. He said that everyone was "kind of floored" by Judge Joe Brown's behavior in the courtroom.

Judge Joe Brown Explains his Outbursts

In this article, Judge Joe Brown says:  "I was not happy to have my liberty detained even for 30 seconds. That's precious. It's not about the conditions of incarceration; it's about the loss of liberty."

His outbursts, resulting in five counts of contempt of court, took place when Judge Joe Brown was only observing the juvenile court in the building when approached by a woman that asked for his help. Judge Joe Brown then went before a judge (Magistrate Harold Horne) on her behalf, but resulted in a less than favorable outcome for the former TV Judge.

Judge Joe Brown was only asking for the woman's charges to be dismissed, and that's when Magistrate Harold Horne told Judge Joe Brown that he was not an attorney.

Judge Joe Brown feels that he was unjustly arrested, but he stay in the Shelby County jail was not that bad. 

Read about Judge Joe Brown's TV courtroom show 2013 cancellation here.

Image credit: Flickr CC; by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District

Friday, March 21, 2014

Almost Human Season One Deserves a Season Two on FOX

Michael Ealy and Karl Urban
DORIAN and Detective John Kennex in Almost Human (FOX)
One of my favorite rookie shows that started in the Fall of 2013 was Almost Human on FOX.

It is a show about Detective John Kennex based in the future, that wakes up from a 17-month coma and has to re-adjust to life on the police force.

He doesn't remember a lot about the raid that left him in a coma, so he frequents a back-alley doctor that induces episodes for Detective John Kennex to recall memories about what happened. His leg was blown off in the explosion, and now he has a prosthetic leg.

From what he is able to gather, his former girlfriend betrayed him and set him up. Detective John Kennex tries to find out why.

John Kennex also finds out more about his father's police investigation before he was killed.

Detective John Kennex Doesn't like Androids

Year 2048. Technology is big part of everyday life. To stay with the times, the police force issues an android to every human cop.

Detective John Kennex doesn't like androids, and pushes his newly assigned android out of his moving cop car, when it finds incriminating evidence on him. It is destroyed.

Police Captain Sandra Maldonado gives Detective John Kennex DORIAN, an older model android, that is more in touch with his emotions than the MX-43 standard issue androids.

Almost Human Season One deserves a Season Two

Rudy Lom (played by Mackenzie Crook) is the comic relief throughout the show, always bringing his dry humor to the situation as he is the resident android technician. I enjoy seeing him in each episode.

The Wall in Almost Human on FOX

The city's boundary in the show is called "the wall," and there are many references to how it is impossible to live outside of the wall. It is almost implied that anyone living outside of the wall is a rebel that is able to survive in hazardous conditions.

One episode late in Season One shows DORIAN's creator go over the wall with the ability to create an army of androids.

As Season One progresses, Detective John Kennex grows attached to DORIAN, and they develop a friendship. In the Season One finale, DORIAN gives Detective John Kennex a present -- a brand new prosthetic leg.

The shows deal with future issues, such as: cloning, cellular regeneration, androids, future drugs, and genetically modified humans. There are many references to Bitcoins as the standard currency on the show.

I think Almost Human is an entertaining show, and would like to see an ALMOST HUMAN SEASON TWO.

The ratings for the Almost Human (on FOX) season finale was 5.6 million viewers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where is Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Celebrities Weigh In

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has the world in suspense.

Here are some questions people are asking about Did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:

  • Where is Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?
  • Did someone hijack Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?
  • Did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crash into the Indian Ocean?
  • Did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 make it to land?

Famous People have theories on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Courtney Love and her theory on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Courtney Love Attempts to find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Courtney Love thinks she found pictures with evidence using satellite photos. The mission on Tomnod to find Malaysia Flight 370 starts here.

She tweeted March 3, 2014: “I’m no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick…prayers go out to the families #MH370.”

She says, “Yeah, I went to the satellite site and just uploaded tons and tons of pictures…I really doubt aliens took it. It’s got to be somewhere. I’m a little obsessive.”

Tomnod did indicate that Courtney Love’s proposed location of what appeared to be an oil slick, what not Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

It is good that Courtney Love did rule out that aliens did not take Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Rupert Murdoch  on Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Rupert Murdoch made several tweets regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:
“777crash confirms jihadists turning to make trouble for China. Chance for US to make common cause, befriend China while Russia bullies,” tweeted March 9, 2014.

“World seems transfixed by 777 disappearance. Maybe no crash but stolen, effectively hidden, perhaps in Northern Pakistan, like Bin Laden,” tweeted March 14, 2014.

“777. Still think this is a reminder that US and China should be working more closely on Muslim extremist threat,” tweeted March 14, 2014.

Anderson Cooper Comments on Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Anderson Cooper says to Seth Myers on NBC’s Late Night, “It is one of those stories that you can’t figure out; it takes twists and turns. I am obsessed. There are friends I haven’t heard from in 15 years sending me obscure theories. It is a bizarre, horrible story…I assume it was a crash, but nobody knows.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Jimmy Fallon Looking for a Truck on NBC Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon on NBC Tonight Show

Why are truck makers fighting over Jimmy Fallon?

That's because they want an endorsement by the new host of NBC's Tonight Show, who has been getting 10 million viewers.

Jimmy Fallon Mentioned Getting a Truck on the Tonight Show and Ford Tweets First

On Wednesday, March 5, 2014, Jimmy Fallon mentions at the beginning of the Tonight Show that he wants to buy a truck, but knows very little about trucks.

@FordTrucks quickly tweets at 11:02 p.m. "@jimmyfallon We think you should get a 2015 F-150 King Ranch edition"

Ford Tweets Jimmy Fallon

It should be noted that this truck is not even available yet. Its production starts in a couple of months. 

Then on March 6, 2014, Chevy tweeted:

"Hey +Jimmy Fallon! Looking for a truck, huh? The #Silverado would look nice in the #FallonTonight family's driveway. DM us & we'll help!"

Chevy Tweets Jimmy Fallon
But Dodge drove a truck and parked it outside of 30 Rock with a sign that read: "Big enough, Jimmy? Test it out."

Dodge Tweets Jimmy Fallon
So Jimmy Fallon sends out MC Tariq from his band, The Roots, and he test drives the Dodge Ram and says it does everything his Mini Cooper does. Dodge Ram sells a V-6 diesel version that gets 29 mpg (highway).

What kind of truck do you think Jimmy Fallon will get?

Jimmy Fallon Wants NBC Station Specific Guests

Guests on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are being asked by NBC to not appear on any other morning, daytime, or nighttime talk show for three months. If they want to go on the NBC morning talk show, they can.

Jimmy Kimmel on ABE is trying to keep up with Jimmy Fallon. He got his largest ever audience of almost 7 million viewers for his post-Oscar show. But Jimmy Fallon had an average of 10.42 million viewers in his first week as the host of the Tonight Show.

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