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Get Adobe Flash on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Get Adobe Flash for iPhone
iPhone with Adobe Flash: Don't Jailbreak Me

Everybody wants to know how to get Adobe Flash for their Apple iPhone.

I tried playing a Facebook game on my iPhone, but received a message that I first needed to download Adobe Flash before I could play it. What a bummer!

Can my Apple iPhone Run Flash Without a Jailbreak?

Unfortunately, the main methods to get flash on your iPhone described online involve jailbreaking your iPhone. On top of that, it is not Adobe Flash, but a custom version called Frash, (which is Flash 10.1) by Comex.

Frash can be downloaded here, but again, your phone must be jailbroken first.

Disclaimer: Z.Love's Entertainment Blog does not endorse jailbreaking iPhones.

Is there a way to download Adobe Flash without jailbreaking your iPhone?

Answer: Yes. There is a way to run flash on the iPhone via two apps. One of them works well.

Proton Flash Player App
Photon Flash Player icon

Photon Flash Player for the iPhone costs $3.99 in the App Store. This app has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars for satisfied users.

Z.Love's Blog Recommends Photon Flash Player [and was not paid to say this].

Skyfire Web Browser also claims to run flash. It costs $2.99 in the App Store, but has many bad reviews from people that say "do not waste your money on this."

The Apple iPhone in a World Without Adobe Flash

Apparently, Apple predicted that they would rule the future -- a future without Adobe Flash. Until Adobe Flash is willing to fork over big bucks, they will have to stick with other smart phones. I would argue that the iPhone needs to be smarter.

Many blogs and websites on this very subject argue that flash is mainly used in banner ads, and perhaps our online experience (via an iPhone) is better without having to see all the flash-based ads in cyberspace.

Is Apple justified in not allowing Adobe Flash on their precious iPhone?

I think it was just a power play. "Let's Keep This Thing Proprietary and Make Tons of Money" sort of thing.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by William Hook

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amanda Bynes is in a Psychiatric Unit for Mental Evaluation

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes, former child star of the 90's Television show, "All That" on Nickelodeon, has some mental issues. She has been photographed most recently in public in her blue wig. This attempt to disguise herself actually draws more attention than helping her blend in.

On Monday, July 22, 2013, Amanda Bynes set a small fire on her own pant leg in a driveway in a residential area of Thousand Oaks, CA. A scared witness called 911 when they saw her with a small gas can and was worried that Amanda's little escapade would end in Kaboom!

She was detained by Ventura County sheriff's deputies and taken in on a '5150' charge which is grounds for a mental evaluation based on the behavior of the suspect.

For Amanda Bynes, it meant "take this girl to the psych unit immediately."

Thousand Oaks, CA is where Amanda Bynes grew up.

Amanda Bynes Mental Health is Deteriorating

Officials felt that Amanda Bynes was a danger to herself or to others, and that her state of mental health was in question. Many indicators have been seen in the past few months, such as wearing a blue wig to a court appearance, being kicked out of hotels for smoking marijuana, and accused of throwing a bong out of her New York apartment window in May 2013.

Yep, drugs will do that to you.

Amanda Bynes will be held in the Psychiatric unit for 72 hours for evaluation, after being taken in on a 5150 charge. She was in Roosevelt Hospital for a mental evaluation as recently as May 2013, after her marijuana incident.

Has Amanda Bynes Gone Off the Deep End?

Amanda Bynes has been in the news lately as she has called numerous celebrities "ugly" (including the Obama's), and even called a hotel check-in woman ugly, and recommended her plastic surgery to her, making her cry. Amanda Bynes was then kicked out of the Ritz Carlton in New York with a $2,000 room service bill for inappropriate behavior. She allegedly placed 40 different $60-70 orders to accumulate such a bill.

Amanda Bynes revealed in June 2013 that she had more plastic surgery done to remove "webbing" from between her eyes. She plans on having additional surgery on the bridge of her nose, because those first few plastic surgeries just didn't do it.

Amanda Bynes in Trouble with the Law...Again

  • On March 7, 2012, Amanda Bynes was stopped by L.A. Police after talking on her cellphone while driving. 
  • On April 6, 2012, Amanda Bynes was charges with driving under the influence. She was caught after she side-swiped a police car in West Hollywood, CA. She was released without having to post her $5,000 bail.
  • On Sept. 4, 2012, Amanda Bynes was charges with two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run. She reached a court settlement on this.
  • On May 9, 2013, Amanda Bynes pleaded no contest to driving with a suspended license.
  • On May 23, 2013, Amanda Bynes was caught by Manhattan police from a call about a marijuana smell in the lobby. She was charges with tampering with evidence, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of marijuana. She was then taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a mental evaluation.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Britney Spears was also taken in on a 5150 charge in 2008? Her close friends and family were concerned about her state of affairs, which led to her own father taking control of Britney's estate via a conservatorship agreement.

Amanda Bynes parents are also seeking a conservatorship, much like the route that Britney Spears's father took. Under this conservatorship, Amanda's everyday decisions regarding where she lives, her personal finances, and her health care decisions would be controlled by her parents.

Update: On 07/25/13, a judge extended Amanda Bynes stay in the Psychiatric hold for up to two weeks.

Update: (08/02/13) Amanda Bynes most recent appeal to leave the mental hospital has been denied, while she continues undergoing mental evaluation.

Amanda Bynes Courtroom wig
Amanda Bynes in the courtroom in a wig late July 2013.

Amanda Bynes is Engaged

Is Amanda Bynes engaged?

Amanda Bynes what photographed on Friday, October 3, 2014 in New York City, with a bandage on her face, a cigarette, and an engagement ring on her finger. Yahoo! News speculated that this could be in violation of her three-year probation for a 2012 DUI.

Who is Amanda Bynes engaged to?

That answer is not yet available. Stay tuned.

Opening image credit: Flickr Creative Commons; Amanda Bynes by digitalshay

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jersey Mike's Subs Free Printable Coupon for December 2013

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December (Dec.) 2013 Jersey Mike's Printable Coupon

If you are looking for a Jersey Mike's Subs printable coupon for December 2013, look no further. The December 2013 printable coupon is valid only through 12/19/13. If you notice, the coupon code for the latest Jersey Mike's December 2013 printable coupon is "0705."

Dec. 2013 is a great month to enjoy a hot sub from Jersey Mike's Subs. Take advantage of the free printable Dec. 2013 coupon provided above. The Dec. 2013 coupon is only valid thru 12/19/13.

You cannot redeem this coupon after it expires because Jersey Mike's Subs removes the old code for the printable coupon in their online database for the store registers after the cut off date.

Jersey Mike's Subs makes awesome subs. They will always ask you if you want it Mike's way. Mike's way is adding the following ingredients to your sub (generally applicable to cold subs): lettuce, onions, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, and spices.

Jersey Mike's makes one of the best Philly Cheese Steak subs with Chipotle Mayo, but don't worry, the Chipotle Mayo is not hot, it just adds to the flavor. Under hot subs, the Chipotle Cheese Steak is #43 on the menu.

A Tip When Ordering the Chipotle Cheese Steak... 

Now, if they wrap your Chipotle Cheese Steak sub in aluminum foil before handing it to you, be sure to eat it soon. The juices from the sub will make your Chipotle Cheese Steak soggy if you take your wrapped sub anywhere to eat it (i.e. such as taking it back to work).

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, the Jersey Mike's computer system was temporarily down, because Jersey Mike's headquarters is located in the state of New Jersey. Fortunately, Jersey Mike's was able to keep going through the Hurricane Sandy tragedy.

In My Opinion...

I think Jersey Mike's should provide other side options besides just chips, but I can't complain about their delicious sub sandwiches. Some people would like to eat healthier, and I think introducing other sides, like potato salad, would be popular for Jersey Mike's Subs.

I thought it was great when Jersey Mike's took the money from one day's sales and donated all of it to a local charity. That was really a class act for Jersey Mike's to do that.

I have always wanted to try the Grilled Pastrami Reuben, #20 on the hot subs menu, but I can't get myself to order anything other than the Chipotle Cheese Steak sub, because it is that good!

What is your favorite sandwich at Jersey Mike's subs?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Amityville Horrors: 112 Ocean Ave. is One Haunted House to Avoid

Amityville House at 112 Ocean Ave.
Is the Amityville House at 112 Ocean Ave. the most haunted house in the world?

According to a Yahoo article, Ghost Hunter Lorraine Warren won't ever go there again, and she has been part of over 4,000 cases of paranormal activity at various haunted houses.

The house and events that took place at 112 Ocean Ave. was the inspiration of the 1979 movie, The Amityville Horrors. There was a remake of The Amityville Horrors in 2005.

Lorraine Warren has been there herself, and out of all of the paranormal cases she has investigated, that is the only house that she would not visit ever again.

A Brief History of the Amityville House

In November 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. killed six family members at his home at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York (on Long Island). 13 months later, the Lutz Family (consisting of George, Kathy and three children) moved in.

A friend of George Lutz insisted that they have the house blessed before moving in. George and Kathy agreed, despite George being a non-practicing Methodist, and Kathy a non-practicing Catholic.

They found a Catholic priest, Father Ralph J. Pecoraro, to perform the house blessing. Father Pecoraro began the blessing as they were unpacking on December 18, 1975. This is when the strange activity began. As Father Pecoraro was flicking holy water and praying, he heard a male voice (not belonging to the Lutz's) tell him to "get out." Father Pecoraro called George to tell him of the mysterious voice on the second floor, and to warn him to stay out of the room on the 2nd floor - this was the former room of Marc and John Matthew DeFeo. Static interrupted the phone call and it was cut short. Father Pecoraro came down with a fever and blisters on his hands resembling a stigmata.

The Lutz's then attempted a second blessing on the house on their own. While saying the Lord's Prayer, he heard several voices asking him: "Will you stop?"

On January 14, 1976, the Lutz's moved out of the house at: 112 Ocean Ave. Amityville, New York, leaving the furniture in the house, to be gathered by the movers later.

The Lutz Family Experienced Strange Happenings in the Amityville House

  • Kathy Lutz shortly thereafter began to have nightmares about the murders, in the exact order and place where each took place in the house. The Lutz children were also began sleeping on their stomachs, which was unusual for them. All of the DeFeo Family members bodies were found lying on their stomachs.
  • Kathy Lutz began to have an unusual sensation that she was being "lovingly embraced" by an unseen force.
  • Kathy Lutz was levitated two feet into the air after receiving red welts on her chest.
  • Kathy Lutz hung a crucifix in the living room, which slowing revolved itself until it hung upside down and reeked of a sour smell.
  • Missy Lutz, the 5 year-old started talking to an imaginary friend in the form of a demonic pig with glowing red eyes. She called it "Jody."
  • Missy began humming a particular tune in one room, would stop upon exiting, and would pick back up where she left off when she entered that one room again.
  • George Lutz woke up on many occasions to the sound of a door slamming. When he went down to investigate, the dog was sleeping soundly by the door.
  • On other occasions, George Lutz would wake to the sound of a German marching band on the radio with accompanying static like it was in between stations. Again, it would stop when he would go downstairs.
  • George Lutz also woke up every morning at 3:15 a.m. and would go check the boathouse. He was later informed that this was about the same time as the DeFeo Family murders.
  • George Lutz discovered that he had a strong likeness to Ronald DeFeo, Jr. and even started drinking at the same bar as Ronald, called The Witches Brew.
  • George Lutz tripped on a 4 ft. China Lion in the living room. This was furniture that was furnished with the house. He inspected his ankle and found bite marks on it.
  • George Lutz witnessed his wife transformed into a 90 year-old woman with saliva dripping out of her mouth.
  • George and Kathy both witnessed a demon with half of its head blown off in the fireplace, which burned itself into the soot during a fire.
  • The Family dog would not go into a secret room found in the basement, called the "Red Room." This secret room was not on the house blueprints, and hidden behind shelving. It absolutely terrified the dog for unknown reasons.
  • Lastly, there were wet spots, and odors of either perfume or feces in parts of the house that had no explainable source (no explainable reason such as broken pipes or explainable air flow)

The Lutz Family lived there for a total of 28 days before moving out, claiming that they were terrorized by paranormal phenomena.

"The Amityville Horrors" entry.
Pockross, Adam. "Ghost Hunter Lorraine Warren on the Haunted House She Won't Revisit."

Image credit: Public domain; by Seulatr

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