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Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Ditches Nick at Proposal and Picks Shawn Booth

Are you curious to find out if the Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe picked Nick Viall or Shawn Booth?

Who did Kaitlyn Bristowe pick as her one true love?

Did Kaitlyn Bristowe pick Nick or Shawn?

Who Kaitlyn Bristowe Picks Shocked the World

The answer is this: Kaitlyn Bristowe stops Nick Viall when he attempts to propose. Nick leaves Kaitlyn Bristowe sad and confused, but Shawn Booth gets to propose to Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Kaitlyn Bristowe allows Shawn Booth to propose to her, and she picks Shawn Booth to spend her life with.

Kaitlyn Bristowe tells Shawn that from the moment that he stepped out of the limo, she knew that he was the one.

Maybe the world is shocked because Kaitlyn made the choice to be intimate with Nick early on in Season 11 of the Bachelorette, when the cameras could not follow them into the bedroom, but it was revealed that they were intimate.

Shawn Booth Proposes to Kaitlyn Bristowe on Bachelorette Season 11

She tells Shawn that she wants to tell him the truth, that she loves him and he never has to question who she loves. Shawn tells her that everything happens for a reason, and that he is not supposed to live his life without her, and gets down on one knee and proposes to her.  She says, "Yes."

Shawn Booth gives Kaitlyn Bristowe a 3.5 Ct engagement ring, and they appear to be very happy.

Summary of the show Bachelorette on IMDB: "A single bachelorette dates multiple men over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find her true love."

About 20 minutes after the Bachelorette finale ended, Nick Viall posted the below picture on Twitter, saying, "U have to love. U have to feel. It's the reason we are here on earth. We are here to risk our hearts #thebachelorette"

Fans of the show pour out their love and support for Nick, and try to console him after its all over.

Nick Viall
Nick Viall from Bachelorette Season 11; posted on Twitter

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mr. Holmes Movie Review

The movie, "Mr. Holmes" starring Ian McKellen, was a movie that I was not expecting, to be honest. Prior to seeing this movie, I had not seen a trailer for Mr. Holmes, nor did I even know of its existence. This movie took me by surprise, and I only went to see it on a friend's suggestion. My first thought was that this was the highly anticipated "one off" Sherlock Holmes movie featuring Benedict Cumberbatch released in between seasons 3 and 4 of the BBC show, but I remember that this movie is not supposed to come out until around Christmastime, and then it would only be  in limited theaters. After a little more research, I found out that this was not the Benedict Cumberbatch movie that I was highly anticipating. Perhaps I should point out that this "research" was limited to scanning the movie posters in front of the movie theater. Nevertheless, I paid the price of admission, and gave this film a chance.

If you don't like spoilers, then do not continue reading this review.

"Mr. Holmes" with Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes

I will start out by saying that I was not disappointed by the movie, Mr. Holmes. I kind of guessed seeing Ian McKellen on the movie poster, that he would be playing an aged Sherlock Holmes. This much was correct.

But in the opening scenes of the movie, I could not stop thinking about how old he is, and how could this man play the character of Magneto in the X-Men franchise.

After I overcame the age of Ian McKellen, I then took on the challenge of accepting Sherlock Holmes as an elderly, dying man. In the movie, Mr. Holmes, Sherlock Holmes says that he is 94 years old at one point, and he looks as if he is at the end of his life in the movie.

A Sherlock Holmes without John Watson

In the present time in the movie, John Watson is dead. Sherlock Holmes mentions that John Watson died 3 years earlier, and they were estranged friends at that.

John Watson had moved in temporarily with Sherlock Holmes for a month to help him overcome the failure of Sherlock Holmes' last case, which left Sherlock in a state of depression.

Ian McKellen Presented a very Human Sherlock Holmes

In other takes and renditions of Sherlock Holmes (i.e. Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Downey Jr.), Sherlock is always perfect and almost untouchable. In the BBC television version, Benedict Cumberbatch rarely makes a mistake, and if he did, he wouldn't admit it.

However, in Mr. Holmes, Ian McKellen's Sherlock realizes that he did make a grave mistake. This mistake left his career as detective in a state of failure. He solved the case, and deduced that the woman wanted to take her own life to be with her two dead children. Once confronted, she poured out the poison on the ground, but wanted to be consoled by someone else that had experienced loneliness such as she has experienced. That someone was Sherlock Holmes. But he tells her to go home to her husband, who loves her. Instead she walks the train tracks and kills herself anyways. Sherlock Holmes carries this grief of failure with him into retirement, living in a cottage in England, left to tend to his bees.

A house cleaner and her son come to live with Sherlock, and Sherlock befriends the young boy, Roger, played by Milo Parker. Sherlock acts much like a grandfather to the boy, who takes interest in hearing more and more about Sherlock's stories.

The boy takes a big interest in the well-being of Sherlock's bees, and this leads to a life-threatening attack on his life when he attempted to help the bees from their attacker.

The movie did provide a satisfying mystery to be solved, as all Sherlock Holmes mediums should provide, and he solves the mystery in a very genius manner.

Overall, I liked this movie, and found it to be entertaining, even though I found it a very different take on Sherlock being so old and in his final days on the Earth.

Z. Love's Entertainment Blog approves the movie, Mr. Holmes

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Review of Mr. Robot on USA, Episodes 1 - 3

Mr. Robot, played by Rami Malek

I watched the first three episodes of Mr. Robot on USA, and below is my review of the first three episodes.

Please note that the following contains graphic subject matter that is not suitable for children

Mr. Robot, Episode 1

We learn about Elliot (played by Rami Malek), a brilliant computer IT guy, who can hack into anyone's account, and find out people's dirty little secrets.  He has a crush on his childhood friend, Angela, but she has a boyfriend, Ollie, who happens to work at their company, AllSafe. We find out that Elliot has hacked him, to learn more about him, and that Ollie has been cheating on Angela with another woman.

Elliot is seeing a therapist every week.  She too, is being cheated on by her boyfriend, who Elliot has hacked.  He turns out to be married, so Elliot makes it a point to blackmail the guy into never seeing his therapist again.

Elliot has a drug problem.  He is addicted to morphine.  He also takes withdrawal medicine, so he doesn't have withdrawals.

Elliot meets a guy on the subway, who leads Elliot to an abandoned warehouse, where the hacker group "fsociety" operates out of.  The man is known as Mr. Robot, and is played by Christian Slater.

Elliot is socially awkward.  He doesn't like to be in groups of people, and parties.

By the end of episode 1, I was sort of intrigued, because Elliot was escorted by henchmen in suits to an upper floor of a high rise, where he was met by an executive of Evil Corp., Tyrell, surrounded by 11 lawyers, all around a conference table.  It is not until the beginning of episode 2 that we find out what Tyrell wants with Elliot.

Mr. Robot, Episode 2

The beginning of episode 2 starts where we left off, with Elliot in the room with Tyrell and 11 lawyers, and they offer him a cushy job with Evil Corp., and the promise of being a multi-millionaire within a few years.  Since Elliot has never liked Evil Corp., he responds by saying, "Can I think about it?"

Tyrell is not amused with the fact that Elliot did not jump at the offer. He asks the lawyers to leave the room, to have a word with Elliot alone.  Again, Elliot does not take the offer.  The business suit henchmen escort Elliot out, and Elliot is relieved to be free from these people.

He feels stressed out, so he runs into Shayla, and asks for a "re-up" on his morphine. She initially declines because he made her promise not to ever give him more than his allotted drugs within a period of time.  She eventually relents, and he finds himself snorting more morphine than normal.  He then hacks Tyrell's business server at Evil Corp., and finds it to be unusually easy to hack.  Elliot gets paranoid that it was so easy, so he immediately takes precautions to destroy his computer, so that there is no evidence that he hacked Tyrell's account.  He drills holes in his computer hard drives and fries his computer components in the microwave.

Elliot has a change of heart after his IT boss shows the public video that a hacker group called "fsociety" has made.  Elliot then tells Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), that he wants out.

At the end of episode 2, he runs into Mr. Robot again, and talks with him, sharing about his broken relationship with his father.  Elliot shares that his dad has Leukemia, and made Elliot keep his secret.  Elliot finally breaks and shares the secret with his mother.  The mother and father get into an argument, and the father pushes Elliot off of a balcony, breaking his arm in the fall.  After this, Elliot's father will not speak to him or look at him again.

After Elliot shares this with Mr. Robot, Mr. Robot pushes him off of the wooden railing he is sitting on, and the episode ends, leaving us to wonder what happened to Elliot.

Mr. Robot, Episode 3

Elliot wakes up in the hospital to the faces of two people, Shayla and his therapist.  He speaks alone with the therapist and she makes him promise to stop taking Morphine, after his admitted drug use.  He promises, but secretly plans to continue, and only make it appear on his drug tests that he is clean.

In episode 2-3, Elliot finds himself falling for his drug supplier's girl named Shayla.  In the first episode, he wakes up naked in a bed with her, which hints he was intimate with her while high on morphine.  His crush, Angela, comes over at the end of episode 1 and finds Shayla still asleep in his bed, naked.

Elliot likes Shayla and pursues her as a girlfriend in episode 3, but first he has to get rid of her drug dealer boyfriend.  He tells Shayla that he had nothing to do with him being arrested, and put into jail.

Mr. Robot shows up unannounced in this episode at Elliot's cubicle at work (which is not believable). He then says that either Elliot goes with him to a bar next door, or else he will stay there at his desk and make a scene.  Elliot agrees to go to the bar, Mr. Robot and Elliot sit and have Appletinis and discuss why Mr. Robot pushed him off of the balcony.  Mr. Robot says he has violent tendencies and was angry that Elliot would help fsociety with their plan.  As Mr. Robot is walking out, Elliot stops him and says, "What about the plan?"

This was another moment that I did not feel the character's were being honest to their characters.  I don't believe Elliot would have been so forgiving of Mr. Robot to want to jump back into the master plan of hacking Evil Corp.

Honest Feeling about the Show

In episode 3, I start to lose interest in the show, Mr. Robot.  Mainly because the character's choices are just not believable to me, but secondly, because it contains sexual themes that are immoral, and wrong.

First of all, I don't care for the Evil Corp. executive, Tyrell, who is very dark and twisted.  He is planning on taking over as Evil Corp's CTO, and when he doesn't get it, he goes out and beats up a homeless guy, for $300.  I don't believe that would happen.

He is married to a Swedish woman, and talks to her in Swedish.  He is seen at home later, getting dressed to go to a night club.  She questions what he is doing.  He grabs her by the face and says "whenever he is doing something for himself, he is doing it for them" and then forcefully kisses her.  She seems to take it without problem.  He is then seen outside a gay night club.  He meets up with another male (that he is trying to blackmail).  He tells the guy that he is there to take him home.  Next scene, they are having gay sex at the guy's house.  Tyrell tells him to go shower, and then hacks his phone while he is in the shower, and then leaves.

Tyrell returns home to his Swedish wife, that is in her bondage clothes. He ties up her arms and legs, at her request.  She is visibly pregnant.  It then goes on to a different storyline, and does not show what he does, but infers that he is intimate with her.  Since this is his wife, it is not wrong for the intimacy here, but his other relations with a man before this (only to hack his phone), was very dark, and morally sinful.

By the end of episode 3, Ollie reveals to Angela that he has been cheating on her, and shows her pictures of his fling.  He does this in fear of getting caught when a hacker threatens to make all of the information on his laptop public.  Angela seems upset at first, and through their discussion, acts more upset that her and her father's information has been potentially hacked through Ollie's laptop.  She acts as if it is the end of the world if the hacker does something to their credit.  She is willing to forgive Ollie on his indiscretions, after he promises to make everything right. The scene ends with them talking about putting a virus on their company server, in an attempt to save Angela's personal information.

I did not find this discussion on infidelity, realistic, and did not find the outcome realistic, either.  I don't think Angela and Ollie would really consider planting a virus on their company server and give into a hacker like that.

Final Thoughts on Mr. Robot on USA

I think Rami Malek is a superb actor, and rightfully deserves a lead role on a television show.  Mr. Robot on USA started out as something different.  But the newness is wearing off, and I just don't like where some of the storylines are going.  I am uninterested in Elliot and fsociety hacking Evil Corp.  Christian Slater's character is just too unbelievable.  I am uninterested in Tyrell seducing men to hack their phones.  I am uninterested in Angela and Ollie infecting AllSafe with a virus.  Overall, the major storylines are boring, and I am left uninterested by the end of episode 3.

What I have seen so far proves that Rami Malek is a great actor.  However, in episode 3, there are several characters and interactions between characters that I didn't find believable, as well as the sexual content, drug use, in addition to using God's name in vain that I find unappealing.

Z. Love's Blog does not recommend this show to other viewers.

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Do You Need Free Photoshop Help?


Are you in search of free Photoshop help?

A common question I encounter online is:  "I need Photoshop help" with various projects.

Such projects include:
-Photo manipulation: adding a person to, or taking a person out of photos
-Backgrounds for social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube)
-Avatars or logos for social media accounts
-Custom memes 
-Special projects

I Need Free Photoshop Help, but Where?

Many people turn to Twitter or Craigslist to seek out someone with Photoshop skills, but one has no idea the quality of the work of people that contact you on these venues. You could literally get free help from a middle school child and not know until you receive the product.

Some people post their job on or other freelance sites, and the end result is a person in a third world country performing a Photoshop job for very little money. It is possible that the job is done right, but there is no guarantee.

And then there are the internet trolls.

What is an internet troll, you ask?

An internet troll is a person that "sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people on purpose."

There are many people that would love to intentionally do a bad Photoshop job for you, just so they could teach you a lesson to not use Photoshop, or perhaps another illogical reason.  They get their kicks from hurting others, and there is no way of knowing when you will come across an internet troll.

This is the downside of looking for free internet help.

Many People Want to Learn Photoshop Rather than get free Help

There are many tutorials that offer Photoshop help to those wanting to learn, such as "Learn Photoshop in Under 25 Minutes" at The biggest obstacle that many people face is the lack of Photoshop software.  There are alternatives, including a popular alternative called GIMP.  But there are also many tutorial videos on YouTube for both Photoshop and GIMP software to learn the key features of the software.

The number one hotkey that a Photoshop expert uses is CTRL + Z to undo the last action performed in the software.

The biggest hurdle to new people getting Photoshop is the monthly fee. It costs $9.99 a month for the basic Photography subscription, and that does not include the cloud storage. The next tier up is the Single App subscription for $19.99 a month, which includes 20 GB of cloud storage. The next tier up is the Complete subscription, which adds more, and finally the Complete with Adobe Stock subscription package, which grants a 40% reduction on Adobe stock. 

Why would anyone want to buy Adobe stock? 

Great question.

Get Photoshop Help Now...but not for free

If you need Photoshop help, I can help you if you are willing to pay for this help. If you want to see samples, click on the link above that says "Contact Z.Love & Photoshop Samples."

My help can be negotiated for a fee. So the next time you need Photoshop help, contact me via this blog, or my Google+ account linked to this blog.

Contact me to get a high quality product.

Disclaimer:  I have not been paid to promote Photoshop in any way, and I do not hold stock in Adobe.

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