Saturday, September 26, 2015

SEC College Football: Florida Beats Tennessee at the Swamp in Thriller

Tennessee vs. Florida game 09/26/15
Tennessee vs. Florida SEC College Football Sept. 26, 2015

Sept. 26, 2015 - Before today, the Tennessee Volunteers have lost to the Florida Gators the previous 10 encounters. On Sept. 26, 2015, they almost snapped their losing streak to Florida in the Swamp. After this game, one could argue that Tennessee is at the start of a comeback as a powerhouse college football team in the SEC conference, just because of how well they did offensively. However, they were not able to hold and keep the lead at the end of the game. Tennessee loses an 11th time to Florida. The scoring recap by quarter is below.

First Quarter: Florida Gators Score First Against Tennessee; Tennessee Ties it

The Florida Gators started the football game in the first quarter when K. Taylor scored a touchdown for Florida early on at 10:23 mark on the clock.

Tennessee quarterback Jauan Jennings threw the ball for 58 yards to J. Dobbs for a Tennessee Volunteers touchdown. This drive was only 14 seconds long and the score happened at 5:07 in the first quarter. At this point, the score is tied 7 - 7.

Second Quarter: Tennessee Scores Another TD, then 3 pt. Field Goal

The Tennessee Volunteers continue strong offensively in the second quarter. Jalen Hurd runs 1 yard on the drive to score a touchdown at 8:18 in the 2nd quarter. 1 pt. field goal is good. Then, Aaron Medley kicks a 34 yard field goal and it is good at the 3:13 mark. Score is 17 - 7.

Third Quarter: Tennessee Scores Another Field Goal before Florida gets another TD

At 11:07 in the third quarter, Aaron Medley gets another 3 pt. field goal for Tennessee. Florida finally gets another touchdown at the 5:42 point in the 3rd quarter.

Fourth Quarter: Tennessee Scores Another Touchdown; Florida gets Another Touchdown and Wins Game

At 10:19 in the 4th quarter, Tennessee's Jalen Hurd runs for 10 yards for a touchdown. The Florida Gators get another touchdown at 4:09 in the 4th quarter after Brandon Powell catches a 5 yard pass from Will Grier, keeping the game close at 27 - 21. 

In a last ditch attempt, Will Grier throws a 63 yard long pass to Antonio Callaway at 1:26 in the fourth quarter. Jorge Powell kicks a field goal, and puts Florida in the lead 28 - 27.

After this scoring play, Tennessee attempted a 55 yard field goal on Aaron Medley, as he kicks and misses the field goal. Tennessee gets a second chance at the field goal, and misses again, just barely the second time.

Tennessee was unable to beat the Florida Gators on Sept. 26, 2015. 

Final Score of the Tennessee vs. Florida SEC College Football Game

Final Score: Florida 28, Tennessee 27. 

Tennessee vs. Florida SEC College Football Questions

Did Tennessee beat Florida on 09-26-15? No

Did Florida beat Tennessee on 09-26-15? Yes

Did the Florida Gators beat the Tennesse Volunters on Sept. 26,? Yes

Did the Tennessee Volunteers beat the Florida Gators on Sept. 26? No

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