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Will the next Batman be Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, Orlando Bloom, or Joe Manganiello?

Orlando Bloom as Batman
Christian Bale and Orlando Bloom: Which will be the next Batman?

Christian Bale Offered Batman Role for $50 Million in Man of Steel Sequel

According to a Business Insider article, Warner Bros. has offered Christian Bale $50 Million to reprise his role as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel movie full of superheroes. Kirsten Acuna, who wrote the article, sources her information to an ebook titled: "Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemna." This ebook is by Vince Russel.

Does anybody know who Vince Russel is?

Russel apparently has some connection to a Legendary Pictures insider that speaks with authority on the subject.

Umm, I would be very careful before taking an ebook as a credible source. Anybody can write an ebook these days.

Let's take a moment to digress. If Christian Bale was really offered $50 Million by Warner Bros. for 20 minutes in a movie, then it is really greedy for Bruce Willis to ask for $4 Million USD for four consecutive days of filming?

If you put it that way, no.

Take a moment to read: Is Bruce Willis 'Greedy and Lazy' Like Sylvestor Stallone Says?

But wait, that's not all.

Orlando Bloom Would Be Instantly Granted Batman Role

An Access Hollywood article says that it is rumored that Orlando Bloom is being strongly considered to be the next Batman in the Justice League movie, and that he would be granted the part without a casting call. It must be nice to get a job without an interview.

Orlando Bloom as Bruce Wayne?

As a follower of the comic books and cartoon series, my opinion is that Christian Bale did not make a good Bruce Wayne, and I am ready for the reboot. Orlando Bloom would be a fresh Bruce Wayne in a business suit, although I can't picture Orlando Bloom as the right Bruce Wayne either.

Other actors considered to be on the short list to play Batman:

  1. Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf)
  2. Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger)
  3. Josh Brolin (Jonah Hex, MIB III)
  4. Ryan Gosling (Drive)
  5. Richard Armitage (The Hobbit)
  6. Joe Manganiello (True Blood)
  7. Matthew Goode (Watchmen)
  8. Max Martini (Pacific Rim)
So who's right, Business Insider or Access Hollywood?

Ben Affleck will be Bruce Wayne
Ben Affleck will be the next Batman in Man of Steel Sequel

Ben Affleck Will Be the Next Batman in the Man of Steel Sequel

Update (08/23/13): It's official. Ben Affleck has been announced as the next Batman. Neither Orlando Bloom nor Christian Bale will be taking the role.

Joe Manganiello Missed Out on both Batman and Superman Roles

Joe Manganiello missed out on the role of Batman, and previously passed over for the role of Superman, which went to Henry Cavill.

Who is Joe Manganiello?

He is the actor that was in True Blood.

This is what Joe Manganiello had to say about the missed opportunity of Superman:

"Well, I mean, the thing about Superman was it...I mean, I know the right one is out there for me...there wasn't anything I could do with Superman. There was interest from every single possible angle on that project, and the reason they were interested was because of True Blood. From the director, to casting, to the producers involved, it was all because of True Blood, that was why I was in the running. And at the end of teh day, it was True Blood's schedule that kept me from doing it. There's just no human way possible I could be in two places at once when I'm contracted to be on True Blood.

Is Joe Manganiello a little upset with his obligations to True Blood?

Sounds like he is brooding. Which is yet another reason why he could of been a great Batman.


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A&E Duck Dynasty Returns for Season 4 with Vow Renewal Ceremony

Duck Dynasty Season 4
Duck Dynasty Season 4

Are you happy happy happy that Duck Dynasty is returning?

Duck Dynasty Season 4 episode premieres August 14, 2013 at 10 Eastern/9 Central on A&E. It is one hour long for Duck Dynasty lovers to tickle their viewing fancy. Only one catch, you must have cable television to watch it, or tune in to A&E's Duck Dynasty website to stream it over the internet.

What is the Duck Dynasty Season 4 Episode About?

In Duck Dynasty Season 4, Episode 1, brothers Willie, Jase, and Jep create a surprise vow renewal ceremony for their parents on their 49th wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, crazy Uncle Si has to keep Phil and Kay distracted while the sons prepare the vow renewal ceremony. The episode is called "Till Duck Do Us Part."

The Duck Commander
Phil Robertson is "Happy Happy Happy"

Duck Dynasty Season 3 Finale Broke Ratings Record

The Duck Dynasty Season 3 finale broke ratings records for a cable television show. A&E reported that 9.6 million viewers tuned in for the finale, beating out American Idol on FOX. For a cable television station, this is huge. 5.6 million adults between the ages of 25-54, and 5.5 million adults between 18-24 tuned in to watch the Duck Dynasty Season 3 finale on A&E. The average Duck Dynasty Season 3 episode had 8.4 million viewers.

Duck Dynasty is the second most-watched original series on cable television. The Walking Dead is the first most-watched series on cable television.

The show is so popular that the Robertson family had to open up a gift shop at their Monroe, LA warehouse because visitors were filling up their parking lot.

Uncle Si, the storyteller
Uncle Si says:"All of my stories are 95% truthful"
Uncle Si handcuffed to Willy in Truck has to go pee
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is Bruce Willis 'Greedy and Lazy' Like Sylvestor Stallone Says?

Tweet about Bruce Willis by Sylvestor Stallone
Sylvestor Stallone Tweets about Bruce Willis on Twitter

Sylvestor Stallone says this about Bruce Willis on Twitter on August 6, 2013: "GREEDY AND LAZY........A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE"

Sylvestor Stallone is busy working on Expendables 3 and is a little upset that Bruce Willis did not want to be a part of the third film. Well, to be technical, Bruce Willis would have happily came back for Expendables 3, filming for only 4 days and asking for $4 million in return. Too much for Sly's pockets?

Of course, when you are as rich as Bruce Willis, he probably isn't worrying about his career failing. Heck, he might even want to retire soon.

Bruce Willis is Tired of Action Movies

According to the News outlet, The Telegraph, Bruce Willis is bored of the action movies with lots of explosions.

His exact words: "Explosions are of the most boring parts of my job. When you have seen a few fireballs, it's not exciting anymore. I know part of my audience enjoys the explosions, but to be honest, I'm a bit bored of it now. I am very clear with who I am. I work in all sorts of films, but the action movies are the ones that generate the most revenue. I like to earn lots of money from those, but I do all types: small productions, megaprojects, medium-sized, even science fiction."

Many fans are starting to notice Bruce Willis' lackluster interviews in 2013. He appeared to not be focused when doing the interview with BBC The One's Matt Baker and Alex Jones in February 2013. Bruce Willis blames the bad interview on jet lag. Bruce Willis told UK radio personality Jamie Edwards that his favorite place to film was "Istanbul" despite the fact that RED 2 was not filmed in Istanbul.

Fans React to the Bad Bruce Willis Interview

BILLJAC shares his thoughts on the Bruce Willis interview

LEADNOTFOLLOW shares opinion on Bruce Willis

Watch the awkward interview below:

Is Bruce Willis Really Greedy?

I am guessing that Bruce Willis asked for more money to star in Expendables 3 for an even lesser role, to which Sylvestor Stallone erupted with the greedy and lazy line on Twitter.

Is Sylvestor Stallone really the right person to be calling Bruce Willis greedy?

Warner Bros. is rumored to have offered Christian Bales $50 Million for only 20 minutes as Batman in the upcoming Justice League film. Read about that in this blog post. Now that's a paycheck!


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Friday, August 09, 2013

MMORPG Civilization Online is Only Being Released in Korea

MMORPG Civilization Online
Civilization Online Korea

MMORPG Civilization Online
Civilization Online Korea
It is very exciting to read about Civilization Online from 2K games, which is an online MMORPG version from the Sid Meier franchise. It is currently being created for the PC, running on the CryEngine 3. Company XL will launch Civilization Online in Korea.

Will Civilization Online Come to North America?

Perhaps in the future, but most likely not in 2013.

This beautiful looking game has no planned North America launch at this time. It only has a planned launch in Korea, and perhaps in other Asian countries after that.

Jake Song, CEO of XL games shares that players are units within their civilization, and take part collectively to take their civilization to a to certain goal. There will be four starting civilizations to choose from, and there will be six eras to play through, including: Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Modern.

The game play is continuous in real-time until the victory condition is achieved by a civilization, which includes taking out other civilizations. Once a player gets the needed materials, he or she can build it right away, not having to wait in a turn-based system.

Civilization Online is Better Than World of Warcraft

Differing from World of Warcraft, classes will not be used. Instead, Jake Song explains that career choices are more appropriate, and career paths can be changed at any time, without penalty. All of the structures will be built by the players, as well as clothing, vehicles, and gear. Gear will not be set to "bind" on any player, allowing the free exchange between players, or the option to sell it back to the store.

Other Fresh Features in Civilization Online:

  • Civilization Online will have auction houses and player-ran stores.
  • Civilization Online will have resources distributed equally and randomly throughout the world.
  • Resources can be traded through alliances, or taken by force through PVP conquest
  • Every world in Civilization Online is considered one session and the game continues until the victory conditions have been achieved.

You can watch the Civilization Online Debut Trailer below:

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Espheni Karen Dies in TNT Falling Skies Season 3 Finale

Mason Family on Falling Skies
Falling Skies on TNT

Falling Skies Season 3 ended with some big surprises on TNT. There are spoilers to the Season 3 finale (Episode 10) in this post. The biggest spoiler is that Karen dies.

Are the Volm Good Aliens or Bad Aliens?

The Volm were introduced in the Season 2 finale with the words: Friend or Foe?

Throughout Falling Skies on TNT Season 3, the humans assisted the Volm in constructing a massive energy weapon sourcing its power from the Espheni defense grid. The only catch is that it could destroy the whole planet when factoring the worst case scenario. Tom Mason was willing to accept that risk to stop the Espheni.

Bad Alien robot and Cochise the Volm on Falling Skies
In the Season 3 finale, Colonel Weaver leads a diversion by attacking the Chicago Espheni Defense Tower, while Tom Mason leads the real attack on the Boston Defense Tower with the Volm weapon. They fire once and it hits one of the 3 legs. It doesn't appear to do much damage. Three fighter aircraft come to attack the 2nd Mass, which is launching its attack from the water on ships. Cochise informs Tom Mason that it will take another 10 minutes for the Volm weapon to be operational again.

The weakened leg of the Espheni Defense Tower eventually collapses. The humans cheer.

Cochise tells the humans to wait.

A massive ship falls from the sky and lands on the former city of Boston. It is the Volm ship, ran by Cochise's father.

Bad News for the Humans

Season 3 finale revisits the Season 2 finale question: Are the Volm friends or foes?

Cochise's father informs Tom Mason and Colonel Weaver that they are being relocated to Brasil while the Volm finishes the fight on Earth against the Espheni. Cochise's father says that the humans will just be in the way, and are not needed. Tom Mason informs him that the humans want to be part of the fight, since it is taking place on Earth. He attempts to stop Cochise's father from leaving the discussion, but is detained further for acting so aggressively toward him.

After another discussion takes place between Tom Mason and Cochise's father, Tom gives more explanation that the humans need to be part of this fight. Cochise's father needs more time to deliberate after Tom's strong stance to not be relocated to Brasil.

Cochise's father has never before met another race that has objected to this strategy, until now.

They all come to a consensus that humans are not like any other race, after Tom Mason's short spiel that humans will die fighting the Espheni for their freedom.

Cochise returns Tom Mason to the 2nd Mass as they are packed up and ready to be relocated to Brasil to "live comfortably." The 2nd Mass is grumbling, because they want to keep fighting. Tom Mason has endured enough after the aliens have kidnapped Anne Glass and their daughter, Alexis. Tom Mason will not feel redemption until Karen dies, which was foreshadowed in his dream in Episode 8 "Strange Brew."

Karen Dies at the End of Falling Skies Season 3

Karen embracing Hal
Hal Mason holding Karen in his arms
At the end of the episode, Cochise gives the 2nd Mass back their weapons, but tells them to leave the Boston area immediately. The 2nd Mass encounters a ship landing, where 5 of them scout the ship that has landed. It is Karen, two aliens, and two robots. Tom Mason, his three sons, and Maggie. After Karen tries to convince Tom Mason that the Volm are not as innocent as they let on, Tom has had enough. He shoots her in the stomach. They shoot the aliens dead. Karen is left with dying words for Hal. Maggie doesn't have the patience for Karen's allure on Hal any longer, and finishes her off with a few shots from a hand gun.

Some fans of the show may be surprised that Karen dies in the Season 3 finale, while others may have picked up on the fact that it was foreshadowed previously in Episode 8 of Season 3.

The real question lurking in the back of viewers minds are: Do the Volm want to take Earth for themselves after the Espheni are defeated?

That question is not answered in the Season 3 finale.

Fans of the show would like to see more than 10 episodes in Season 4. We want more! We want more!

Falling Skies Season 4 returns to TNT in the Summer of 2014.

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