Saturday, December 01, 2018

Fallout 76 Glitches and Gameplay Issues

Fallout 76
The game Fallout 76, by Bethesda Studios has received many criticisms for glitches and bugs. I have the game on PS4 and have encountered some of these gameplay issues, which are detailed below.

3 Gameplay Issues that Make Fallout 76 Less Fun

1. Being Overencumbered: The biggest issue that I have personally dealt with playing Fallout 76 on PS4 is the problem of being 'Overencunbered' - which means in the game that you have collected too many items over your maximum capacity, and it negatively affects your character in the game. It means your character can run, and it drains Action Points (AP) just to walk anywhere. There are three possible solutions to this that is really burdensome to do if you still a low level.

First solution: Drop a bunch of your junk on the ground. This is not a great solution because the whole point of this game is to run around West Virginia and loot and collect junk.

Second solution: Spend time finding armor with pockets for 5 capacity increases. This is challenging to do, however if you make any high level friends, you can increase your carry capacity by +5 for every pocketed armor, or get yourself a power armor. The lowest level power armor (including the armor) is for a level 15. Otherwise, you can start wearing a power chassis immediately. The only problem with wearing a power armor is that you only start with one power core. You would have to continue to collect power cores to use it regularly. As a low level, this is not a viable solution.

Third solution: Get yourself a pocketed armor and take advantage of a glitch that allows you to push the maximum carry capacity into the negative by pressing X repeatedly. This works sometimes, but other times it takes a LONG time to work.

Next, being overencumbered makes way for a glitch called the Respawn Glitch. I have personally dealt with this glitch on numerous occasions. It is quite annoying. If you die while overencumbered, it will often only allow you to respawn at Vault 76. During another gameplay, it wouldn't even give me a respawn point at all, and I had to quit the game and log back in many times before it would respawn me in the game. This was extremely annoying.

2. Cap Limit at Robot Vendors: The cap limit at robot vendors is quite annoying. It is generally starts at 200 caps or less at the start and every time you sell junk back to the vendor, the caps decreases until it hits zero. At that point, you cannot sell anything back to the robot vendors. This goes across all of the factions. Your next NPC to sell to is the wandering vendor named Grahm with his bull.

Solution: Have one giant marketplace that all players on the server can place items for sale. It is way to cumbersome to try and trade or buy and sell with individuals.

3. Lag Experienced Trading with Vendors: Regardless of the Vendor, there is often a considerable amount of lag experienced when buying and selling with NPC vendors.

Solution: Turn all animation and NPC dialogue off during vendor transactions to reduce lag in game.

Fallout 76 Endless Loading Glitch

As I tried to enter the Power Station, I clicked to enter through the door and it went into an endless loading screen. It never loaded and I had to turn my PS4 off in order to end the loading sequence.

Fallout 76 Level Up Glitch

There is another Fallout 76 glitch in the game that allows a player to level up with the right perk card equipped, if the player stands in fire and repeatedly taps a button on the controller. I have seen it done, but have not done it personally.

Fallout 76 Miner Miracles Glitch

I went down south on the map to the Miner HQ and received a message: "WARNING: Miner Miracles cannot be completed until you've reached Level 25." I now receive this warning message every time I enter the game. This is an obvious glitch.

Editor's Note: Bethesda Game Studios has posted patch notes for their upcoming patch on December 4, 2018 and none of the gameplay issues or bugs contained in this post are addressed by their upcoming patch.

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