Saturday, March 03, 2018

One Million Butt Lady is Cleaning up Auburn California

Sally Dawley is the One Million Butt Lady

The cigarette butt lady from Auburn, California has picked up a million butts. That should impress you, enough to want to take action. Yes, she picked up one million cigarette butts on her own during her walks. Her name is Sally Dawley, and she is doing a great service in Auburn, California. Perhaps Sally Dawley and her mission to clean up Auburn will become an inspiration to others across the U.S. and the world.

One Million Butt Lady is Not Plogging

It almost sounds like the new trend called "Plogging," which is a fitness craze growing in Sweden. It is essentially picking up trash while jogging, so it is healthy and good for nature. While it sounds similar, the Auburn cigarette butt lady is not actually jogging, she is walking and picking up cigarette butts while doing it. She has picked up so many that she has surpassed one million cigarette butts and is still going strong.

However, as we can see, the plogging trend is not just taking place in Sweden. For example, a 36 year-old lady from Hoboken, NJ has gottten involved. Laura Linberg, as reported by CityLab, is also taking part in the trend. She picks up garbage during her morning runs.

Are Cigarette Butts Trash?

Some smokers may not consider cigarette butts trash, but they sure do make public places look trashy. Responsible cigarette smokers dispose of their cigarette butts in proper receptacles that will not catch on fire, or leave the butts in ashtrays. Sally Dawley has taken a responsible role in the clean up of public areas in Auburn, California and her mission is very admirable.

Her shirt reads: "1,000,000: YES THAT IS ONE MILLION BUTTS YUCK!"

Z. Love's Entertainment Blog respects your efforts and your mission. Thank you Sally Dawley!

Watch the video below to see a news story on her:

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