Monday, September 15, 2014

Kanye West Maintains he is a 'Victim' after Demanding Disabled People Stand at his Concert

Kanye West singing in a hoodie

Kanye West Concert Wheelchair Controversy in Sydney, Australia

Kanye West stops during his concert to say that he will not sing if everybody doesn't stand. He singles out two individuals in the crowd in particular, saying he will not continue if everybody doesn't stand. They happened to be handicapped. One was in a wheelchair, and the other with a prosthetic limb.

His exact words: "I can't do this show unless everybody stand up...unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t, Imma see you if you ain't standing up, believe me, I'm very good at that." [sic]

The fan then held up a prosthetic limb, and Kanye we said the person was "fine."

Later in the concert, he stopped again, waiting for another individual to stand up. Kanye West then sent his bodyguard to verify that this person was also in a wheelchair. The body guard confirmed this, and Kanye looked like a jerk once again.

Kanye West Does Not Apologize for his Behavior at the Concert

After the show, Kanye West was sure to say that he was the victim, and not the concert goers that were disabled. He went on a rant "to his fans" about various things, and referenced Ben Affleck and even Michael Brown. Kanye then tried to put everything in perspective, by saying that unarmed people are getting killed by police officers (reference to Michael Brown).

He then pointed out mid-rant that he is a married, Christian man, and that he should get a pass because he is a rock star that travels the globe, but chose to be faithful to one woman and have a child. That is why he is a victim, here.

Editor note: Give me a break! This guy has lost touch with reality. He wants people to worship him like a god. Fame has gone to his head.

The video here shows Kanye West being ridiculous. He should realize that he is a role model. The news here isn't "sensationalized." When Kanye West curses and talks about his artistry, he makes it clear that he isn't acting like the Christian married man should act. Stop demanding that everyone worship you. If a person in a wheelchair can't stand up at your show, then you shouldn't cry like a baby about it.

Image credit: Flickr CC; by Jason Persse

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