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Duck Dynasty Season 2 Christmas Episode

Duck Dynasty Christmas Special
Santa Willie and Elf Si with Elf ears in Duck Dynasty Christmas episode

DuckDynasty’s Season 2 special Christmas episode (#28) first aired on Wednesday (12/05/12). This episode is titled: "I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas"

Spoilers ahead.

"Elf" Si Robertson
Hey! Uncle Si is an elf, not a mind reader!
Here are the highlights from this episode:
Crazy Uncle Si (pronounced “Cy”) was talked into dressing up like one of Santa’s elves. He was hesitant at first, but finally gave in. This included wearing green pointy shoes, and pointy ears. Si said he didn't mind dressing up like Spock from Star Wars and destroying the Death Star. Plus, he said he was good at doing the Volkswagon Death Grip, and gave his version of the Live Long and Prosper hand sign from Star Trek.

Elf Si Robertson with Tinsel
Uncle Si with Christmas tinsel

Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson explaining he is into the true meaning of Christmas
Jase Robertson says he is into the true meaning of Christmas, best stated with the three F's: Faith, Family, and Facial hair. Jase further explains that he doesn't understand about all of the work that is put into decorating for Christmas.

Uncle Si Robertson in Warehouse
Uncle Si admits that he is lazy and that Jase is just making excuses
Si indicates that the last time he dress up was in a sheep outfit, while in rice patties during the Vietnam War. He said he only dresses up when it is something he wants to wear. But Si eventually gives in to wearing the Elf outfit.

Willie, CEO of Duck Commander, gave Si orders to bring the gifts for the kids. Uncle Si went to the Duck Commander Warehouse, and loaded a black garbage back with office supplies.

Santa Willie handing out gifts
Santa Willie giving office supplies (tape dispenser) to kids
Then when Santa Willie reached in the gift back for a toy, he first pulled out a duck call. He then pulled out a tape roller, a dust pan, a sleeve of cups, and a printer cartridge. The kids were less than impressed. They didn’t want their “Christmas toys.” Santa Willie finally ended up giving the last child a $20 dollar bill, and Uncle Si was in shock, because he didn't feel that the kids deserved it.
Santa Willie and Uncle Si elf giving a sleeve of cups to a little boy
Si Robertson in Elf hat
Uncle Si wearing Elf costume saying that kids are "spoiled rotten"

Willie in Santa costume giving little girl $20
Willie said that Uncle Si was like out of a horror movie because he was scaring the kids. Uncle Si said they deserved to be on the naughty list. He said that kids would tape up two items anyway and make a home-made toy out of non-toy items. He then attempted to give a ball of twine to a kid. The child just looked quizzically at Santa Willie and Elf Si because he didn’t know what to do with it.

Meanwhile, COO Jase Robertson and the other Duck Commander workers were asked to hang Christmas lights from the elder Robertson house, in exchange for some homemade Sweet Potato Pies. They wind up breaking many sets of lights because Jase “can’t catch” on the roof.

They are later instructed by Miss Kay (“Momma”) Robertson to lose the extension cord dangling from the roof. This means they have to re-do their lighting job, which takes far longer to do than the original job. After this is completed, Miss Kay says that she wanted “all” of the lights hung, and pointed the boys to the storage shed with boxes upon boxes of more Christmas lights. She retorts that the boys wouldn’t want “half a pie, would they?” insinuating that they only did half of a job, and half of a sweet potato pie would be the equivalent compensation of their work.

Miss Kay also reminds her husband, Phil Robertson – the patriarch of the family – that he needs to cut her down a Christmas tree. After searching high and low on the Robertson land, Miss Kay does not find anything suitable to bring home. She then tells Phil they need to go to a Christmas tree farm. Phil is not fond of buying anything that he can get from his own land, but agrees to buy a “Yuppie tree” to satisfy Miss Kay. They get to the Christmas tree farm and Miss Kay ruminates on the right tree for a while. Phil sits down on the ground. Miss Kay finally settles on the perfect one, and Phil slices it down with a chainsaw. 

They get home with the tree and it is touching the ceiling, so Phil makes a last minute adjustment to the base of the tree trunk with his chainsaw – in the living room.
Miss Kay hinted to Phil that the tree needed decorating. He was happy with the tree being au natural. Then CEO Willie Robertson started stringing lights in a sloppy manner on the tree. The women of the family did not approve, so they took over, decorating the tree with the children.

Willie then said that it wasn’t important how good the tree looked, as much as it was creating memories with the family at Christmas.

Si Robertson pouring tea into cup
Uncle Si pouring himself a cup of sweet tea in elf costume
This episode was full of transition shots that included: Christmas lights breaking, crushed peppermint sprinkled into a bearded mouth, Elf Si pouring himself a glass of tea, Christmas ornaments breaking on the ground, and other Christmas-themed slow motion shots. Very cool.

Uncle Si is the Master of Distractions
Uncle Si quote about his ninja skills
Duck Dynasty has aired news episodes on Wednesday nights, and has broken cable television records for viewers watching. This includes beating out shows like “American Horror Story” on FX, “Chicago Fire” on NBC, and “Nashville” on ABC.

Uncle Si wearing his elf ears in Christmas episode

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