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The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale introduces Negan and Maggie has a Miscarriage

Warning: There are Season 6 Spoilers below.

Negan Introduced When we Return to Walking Dead Season 6

In the Walking Dead, Season 6, Rick Grimes and company have been living among the Alexandrians. In the mid-season finale, a tower falls into the Alexandria wall, and zombie "walkers" start pouring into Alexandria. Shortly after, we see the beginnings of the character, Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). This would mean that the Saviors are there too - which are seen in the 2 minute sneak peak at the end of the mid-season finale. Fans of the Walking Dead comic know that the arrival of Negan means that Glenn's death could be soon upon us. Glenn recently survived a near-death event in the show, leaving viewers wondering if he actually survived after he fell into a mass of zombies.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan pictured next to his comic character Negan

Finale Minutes of Season 6 mid-season Finale

In the final minutes of the Season 6 mid-season finale, the still alive humans of Alexandria smear zombie walker guts all over themselves to blend in with the undead. They are walking among the undead, and her youngest son (Sam) can't keep quiet. He continues to say "Mom" in the worst possible moment of needing to be quiet in a dangerous situation.

Sam is the epitome of Alexandria's innocence, which is being defiled by zombies.

When the Walking Dead, Season 6 mid-season finale concludes, we see a 2 minute trailer of Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl driving a gas truck down a road and they are stopped by Negan's posse of bikers. They stake claim to all of their possessions, in the name of Negan. Watch that below:

Russian FOX Affiliate Drops Hint about Carl in Season 6

But a Russian FOX affiliate shows a preview shot of Carl from the second half of the Walking Dead, Season 6, and Carl has a bandage over his eye (below). Will Carl be shot in the eye by Negan? 
We can be sure that he wasn't shot in the eye by zombies.

Carl gets shot in his eye

The Walking Dead, Season 6 has already been completely filmed

Fun fact: For the fans of the show, Season 6 has already been completely filmed.

The Walking Dead, Season 6 returns to TV on Sunday, February 14, 2016. According to the cast, the finale of Season 6 was very hard to film. Actor Andrew Lincoln was up at night and couldn't sleep the night before. Actress Lauren Cohen describes it as the worst day on the set in her life. Andrew Lincoln didn't even want to go to work, and was late to the set that day.

One Last Thing: Maggie is Pregnant with Glenn's Baby, but something happens...

Answer this question: Did Maggie have a miscarriage? (answer below)

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 15: Maggie has a Miscarriage

In Season 6, episode 15, it show a shower scene where the side of Maggie's stomach is bruised. Why? Because Maggie had a miscarriage.

Did Maggie have a miscarriage?

Yes. Part of the theory is that Glenn and Maggie end up adopting Aenid in a manner as a result of this miscarriage. But, sadly, Maggie has a miscarriage.

Video below discusses this in more detail.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

X-files Season 10, Episode 1 Changes Everything

X-files Variety Cover
Just so you know, there are 9 Seasons of X-files available to watch for free on Comcast On Demand (for now, anyways).

Warning: This Contains Spoilers of X-files Season 10

X-Files Season 10 Shows the Truth about Aliens and the Government Cover-up

And in the first episode of the new season 10, Mulder concedes that there just wasn't enough proof out there to prove that aliens exist, before seeing undeniable proof. Watching the first episode was more like a grand finale that the start of a new-mini season, because Mulder gets to see what he has been searching for during his career in the FBI. The premise of the new X-files mini-series is "Ok, we now have proof." Show's over folks, they've blown the whole mystery to the X-files. Aliens are now among us, and the Smoking man smokes cigarettes from his throat hole. Mulder finally sees an alien spaceship, build by a super secretive group of people that know aliens exist. The spaceship runs on energy free floating in the universe. Mulder sees the ship floating in the air. The government agents find out, and destroy this ship before the end of the episode.

    Things we find out from episode 1:
  • An alien saucer crash landed in Roswell, NM (pretty obvious one here)
  • The government has been using alien spaceships to abduct people and conduct tests on humans. The alien abductee in episode one has been abducted many times, and she said that her baby was taken out through her belly button, and this traumatic experience could not be forgotten. Her other memories were wiped clean.
  • Scully finds out that the woman was not lying about having alien DNA inside of her (put there by aliens), after running tests on her blood.
  • The government has been conducting tests on humans to make alien human hybrids.

Things we find out from episode 2:

  • The government is funding programs to take in homeless people and conduct tests on them
  • Mulder and Scully discuss their son, William (who would be 15 years old at this point)
  • They don't know if their son was experimented on. He was in a wreck and taken to the hospital.
  • There are many flashbacks of Mulder and Scully with their son in this episode
  • William was "abducted" from their house right in front of Mulder (in the final scene of episode 2)
  • In episode 2, experimenting on humans appears to be out of control. The government is funding projects everywhere Mulder and Scully go 
  • Ear piercing sounds are heard throughout this episode. First Mulder, and then the woman that kills her unborn son in her stomach, then Mulder hears it again.
  • A1 Janitoral services the same government funded eugenics facility
  • They track down Kyle, who has the ability to project ear piercing sounds wavelengths, and his sister Molly is telepathic.
  • Kyle kills people with his powers

    Things we find out from episode 3:

  • In episode 3, we see the first alien (it looks like a lizard, and kills a man by feasting on his throat)

  • Episode 3 has humor in it

  • Apparently the human lizard in the episode can transform back into human form at his own will
  • This episode has Mulder poking fun at previous X-files lore
  • Episode 3 plays on the werewolf tale. The lizard man changes back and forth from man to lizard

What is disappointing about X-Files Season 10?

The new season of X-files has lost much of the mystery it originally had. It seems forced. The government conspiracy abducting people is blatantly obvious. The experimenting on children is "in your face" and the show seems to have lost much of the charm that it once had. Children are disappearing right and left, in the name of science.
The conflict is "man vs. government" and the government is winning at every turn. Mulder and Scully have been off of the X-files.

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