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Espheni Karen Dies in TNT Falling Skies Season 3 Finale

Mason Family on Falling Skies
Falling Skies on TNT

Falling Skies Season 3 ended with some big surprises on TNT. There are spoilers to the Season 3 finale (Episode 10) in this post. The biggest spoiler is that Karen dies.

Are the Volm Good Aliens or Bad Aliens?

The Volm were introduced in the Season 2 finale with the words: Friend or Foe?

Throughout Falling Skies on TNT Season 3, the humans assisted the Volm in constructing a massive energy weapon sourcing its power from the Espheni defense grid. The only catch is that it could destroy the whole planet when factoring the worst case scenario. Tom Mason was willing to accept that risk to stop the Espheni.

Bad Alien robot and Cochise the Volm on Falling Skies
In the Season 3 finale, Colonel Weaver leads a diversion by attacking the Chicago Espheni Defense Tower, while Tom Mason leads the real attack on the Boston Defense Tower with the Volm weapon. They fire once and it hits one of the 3 legs. It doesn't appear to do much damage. Three fighter aircraft come to attack the 2nd Mass, which is launching its attack from the water on ships. Cochise informs Tom Mason that it will take another 10 minutes for the Volm weapon to be operational again.

The weakened leg of the Espheni Defense Tower eventually collapses. The humans cheer.

Cochise tells the humans to wait.

A massive ship falls from the sky and lands on the former city of Boston. It is the Volm ship, ran by Cochise's father.

Bad News for the Humans

Season 3 finale revisits the Season 2 finale question: Are the Volm friends or foes?

Cochise's father informs Tom Mason and Colonel Weaver that they are being relocated to Brasil while the Volm finishes the fight on Earth against the Espheni. Cochise's father says that the humans will just be in the way, and are not needed. Tom Mason informs him that the humans want to be part of the fight, since it is taking place on Earth. He attempts to stop Cochise's father from leaving the discussion, but is detained further for acting so aggressively toward him.

After another discussion takes place between Tom Mason and Cochise's father, Tom gives more explanation that the humans need to be part of this fight. Cochise's father needs more time to deliberate after Tom's strong stance to not be relocated to Brasil.

Cochise's father has never before met another race that has objected to this strategy, until now.

They all come to a consensus that humans are not like any other race, after Tom Mason's short spiel that humans will die fighting the Espheni for their freedom.

Cochise returns Tom Mason to the 2nd Mass as they are packed up and ready to be relocated to Brasil to "live comfortably." The 2nd Mass is grumbling, because they want to keep fighting. Tom Mason has endured enough after the aliens have kidnapped Anne Glass and their daughter, Alexis. Tom Mason will not feel redemption until Karen dies, which was foreshadowed in his dream in Episode 8 "Strange Brew."

Karen Dies at the End of Falling Skies Season 3

Karen embracing Hal
Hal Mason holding Karen in his arms
At the end of the episode, Cochise gives the 2nd Mass back their weapons, but tells them to leave the Boston area immediately. The 2nd Mass encounters a ship landing, where 5 of them scout the ship that has landed. It is Karen, two aliens, and two robots. Tom Mason, his three sons, and Maggie. After Karen tries to convince Tom Mason that the Volm are not as innocent as they let on, Tom has had enough. He shoots her in the stomach. They shoot the aliens dead. Karen is left with dying words for Hal. Maggie doesn't have the patience for Karen's allure on Hal any longer, and finishes her off with a few shots from a hand gun.

Some fans of the show may be surprised that Karen dies in the Season 3 finale, while others may have picked up on the fact that it was foreshadowed previously in Episode 8 of Season 3.

The real question lurking in the back of viewers minds are: Do the Volm want to take Earth for themselves after the Espheni are defeated?

That question is not answered in the Season 3 finale.

Fans of the show would like to see more than 10 episodes in Season 4. We want more! We want more!

Falling Skies Season 4 returns to TNT in the Summer of 2014.

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