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MMORPG Civilization Online is Only Being Released in Korea

MMORPG Civilization Online
Civilization Online Korea

MMORPG Civilization Online
Civilization Online Korea
It is very exciting to read about Civilization Online from 2K games, which is an online MMORPG version from the Sid Meier franchise. It is currently being created for the PC, running on the CryEngine 3. Company XL will launch Civilization Online in Korea.

Will Civilization Online Come to North America?

Perhaps in the future, but most likely not in 2013.

This beautiful looking game has no planned North America launch at this time. It only has a planned launch in Korea, and perhaps in other Asian countries after that.

Jake Song, CEO of XL games shares that players are units within their civilization, and take part collectively to take their civilization to a to certain goal. There will be four starting civilizations to choose from, and there will be six eras to play through, including: Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Modern.

The game play is continuous in real-time until the victory condition is achieved by a civilization, which includes taking out other civilizations. Once a player gets the needed materials, he or she can build it right away, not having to wait in a turn-based system.

Civilization Online is Better Than World of Warcraft

Differing from World of Warcraft, classes will not be used. Instead, Jake Song explains that career choices are more appropriate, and career paths can be changed at any time, without penalty. All of the structures will be built by the players, as well as clothing, vehicles, and gear. Gear will not be set to "bind" on any player, allowing the free exchange between players, or the option to sell it back to the store.

Other Fresh Features in Civilization Online:

  • Civilization Online will have auction houses and player-ran stores.
  • Civilization Online will have resources distributed equally and randomly throughout the world.
  • Resources can be traded through alliances, or taken by force through PVP conquest
  • Every world in Civilization Online is considered one session and the game continues until the victory conditions have been achieved.

You can watch the Civilization Online Debut Trailer below:

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