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Duck Commander Phil Robertson is Speaker at SoCal Harvest 2013

Speaker Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson speaking to the crowd at SoCal Harvest 2013
SoCal Harvest Riverside stadium 2013
SoCal Harvest 2013 in Riverside, CA by Don Hayes

Duck Commander Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty on A&E) spoke at SoCal Harvest 2013, which ended on Sunday August 25, 2013. With over 43,000 people in attendance, it truly was a soul harvest at the stadium, where the event took place. Over 9,000 people put their faith in Jesus during the three nights of SoCal Harvest 2013.

Phil Robertson, known as the original Duck Commander, spoke to everyone in attendance about life growing up in Louisiana. Phil Robertson is now a household name, due to the popular show on A&E, Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty has broken ratings records for a reality show on cable television.

Phil Roberston Shares on Loving Family Despite Their Problems

At SoCal Harvest 2013 Phil Robertson shared about the reality of his sons straying from God, and that a father still needs to show love to his children, despite their shortcomings in life. Phil Spoke about his oldest son, Alan, almost getting beat to death in New Orleans before making a decision to become a preacher and share the gospel. Phil said that he treated Alan like the prodigal son in the Bible, and showed him love despite his mistakes to go astray. Alan Robertson can be seen on Duck Dynasty, Season 4, episode 1 (link to blog post below).

Phil Robertson also mentioned that one of his other sons, obviously one that is currently on the show Duck Dynasty, got into drinking and drugs before the family intervened. He now has a wife and follows God.

The host of the event and pastor of (Harvest Church in Riverside, California) asked Phil Robertson: "Why should people at the stadium put their trust in Jesus Christ?"

Phil Robertson said, "Listen California, you've got two problems that you cannot cannot solve it. One of them is sin, and we've all sinned. And the second one is physical death; heart attack, gun shot, car wreck...we are all going to die...all of us are going six feet deep."

Duck Commander Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty Was Saved at 28

Earlier on Phil Robertson shared that he received the gospel of Jesus Christ at 28 years old, after living a lifestyle of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. The first time his sister came to him with a preacher, and the preacher didn't believe Phil was ready. About a year later, Phil sat down and listened to what the preacher had to say, and trusted in Jesus Christ.

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