Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Battle With Blizzard: The Frequency of Phishing is Intensifying Logo

I am being hacked, cracked, spammed, spooled [sending too much to the printer], & phished by "Blizzard Entertainment". That's what the sender line says anyway.  But I don't believe it is really Blizzard Entertainment. I think its some nefarious guy waiting behind a computer monitor attempting to phish in my pond. 

You see, I played World of Warcraft for a short period of time back in 2005.  That is where the connection to comes in.  Somehow they got my email.  But they didn't get the memo.

I didn't play long enough to update over to the account, which all World of Warcraft players have to get to play nowadays.  Since I never converted, I don't have credentials.  But the scammers don't know that.  They are saying my account has been compromised, and want to check it out for me.  Wow, those are really friendly guys.  Always on the lookout for me.  Not!

In the past month, the tactics of the email have escalated.  The threat level is now orange [which is right below red].  Below is one of their new emails, which is screaming: "We're getting really please give us your info.!"

Phishing email from fake Account Team

One thing I noticed, is that when I hover over the first link above that is supposed to take me to the actual redirect link is:

Hmmm. Something isn't right here.  And on top of that, the most recent email was sent as 'High Priority' (an exclamation point next to it, meaning very urgent).

The IP address from the most recent email was:, originating in Korea. The one before that was:, originating in China.

It looks like they are starting to get out the big guns, bringing China into this. That only means one thing: I'm am going to have to get out my secret weapon in this cyber-war: invincibility...because I've got tiger blood & Adonis DNA. Winning!

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