Monday, March 14, 2011

Group Dating: Not Meant for Bachelors

One Bachelor cannot outrun 1,000 Brides
 What's up with the Bachelor? When you have 1,000 women chasing you, its hard to pick the right one. But I am not talking about the Chris O' Donnell (above) running from 1,000 brides, but the guy that is on TV, dating a whole group of them at once. See the guy below holding the rose.

Bachelor Brad Womack
Now I would not admit watching this television show, but I will say that I was listening in on the last episode as my wife watched the proposal. This show is not reality. Even though it is

Trying to pick one over another is hard, for a Bachelor.
I think it is wrong to have a large group of women to emotionally invest themselves into one man, and from the reverse, it is wrong for one man to invest himself in so many women, even if the ultimate goal is to be with only one. I personally believe that such a scenario can set a man up to cheat once he is back down to one. Cue the Brian McKnight song, "Back at One".

Now the "After the Final Rose" show is on, and the one woman that Brad left at the proposition is devastated because she really thought she was the one. That's reality television for you. And we find out that Brad and Emily (the one he chose to be with) have broken up. Does that really surprise you? But he claims that the rollercoaster of the relationship is still strong and will work. Emily says they have to work on how to deal with conflict resolution. Most couples don't know how to "follow the rules" during a fight. I was fortunate enough to go through many marriage classes and pre-marriage counseling.

So why is it that we desire to watch situations where a person is set up to fail? Sure, some bachelors and bachelorettes on the show have made it, but should we really find our "soul mate" by dating a whole group of women at once?

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