Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Mean, Green, Sheen Machine

Actor Charlie Sheen

After watching the many interviews of Charlie Sheen on all of the networks, I think it is safe to say that Charlie Sheen is currently not himself.  Although I am not an expert, I would say from observation that his body is trying to deal with the withdrawals of drugs. Charlie Sheen is currently taking and constantly re-confirming to all of the interviewers that he is drug-free.  But his mind might not agree with you. 

And throughout all of this, there are certain phrases and words that Charlie Sheen continues to say consistently through these interviews.  Common phrases we keep hearing are:  "violent hatred" - in context they first were used when he was talking about the on-going war with CBS, now it is being used to describe his legal battle with Brooke Mueller to see his twins; Sheen possessing "tiger blood & Adonis DNA" - when referring to how he survived "banging 7 gram crack rocks" on a recurring basis; "Winning!" - Sheen exclaimed when asked how his children will respond when they find out about their father's drug history; "The Goddesses" - referring to his two live-in girlfriends (who were taking part in raising his children); "Sober Valley Lodge" - his home (which is supposedly drug and alcohol-free); "bi-polar" - Sheen claims he is not, but the earth is, but he is "bi-winning"; "warlock" - Sheen calls himself this many times; among many other terms.

Charlie Sheen has also said that he doesn't believe in Alchoholics Anonymous (AA).  He says the creator of it was a plagiarist and it is all fiction, because he has cured himself in his mind.  Later in the NBC Today Show interview (with Jeff Rossen), he opens up the AA manual and reads from it, citing the argument that the reason he sought after drugs & alcohol is because someone or something does not accept him.  He then closely the book, and tosses it in the air theatrically in a spiral, saying: "Accept me Chuck."  Charlie Sheen is directly his anger at Chuck Lorre, creator of Two and a Half Men.

But the reality of it all is that Charlie has relapsed into doing drugs and is in a state of denial, blaming his downward spiral at Chuck Lorre and CBS, for not allowing the production of his show to go on.  Unless Charlie Sheen allows himself to get professional help, his misfortunes will continue to push him farther and farther into a rage that only the Hulk can relate to.

Charlie Sheen photographed in a passionate state during an interview.

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