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Michonne Character Spotlight from the Walking Dead Television Show on AMC

Michonne killing zombies with her sword
Michonne taking on a group of zombies with her sword

Michonne is one character in the hit AMC television show, The Walking Dead, that I wouldn't want to mess with. She is played by actress Danai Gurira.

Michonne's weapon of  choice is the Katana sword.  She would rather slice zombies with her sword, than worry about shooting and reloading. Although, Michonne has carried a gun in the television show. In Season 5, episode 2, Michonne comes across a zombie, and beats it in the head with the butt of her automatic rifle, because she is without her favorite Katana sword. Find out if she gets it back (below).

Michonne's First Appearance in The Walking Dead Television Show on AMC

Michonne makes her first appearing in AMC The Walking Dead television show at the end of Season 2. She shows up mysteriously in the woods as a hooded figure with a Katana, and decapitates a zombie that is attacking Andrea. It shows her with two zombies shackled behind her. They have no arms, and no jaws, because they were cut off, for obvious reasons. In this Season 2 episode, "Beside the Dying Fire," it is revealed that this is the character Michonne from the graphic novel.

There are different variations of this next question regarding Michonne's mules:
Who are the two zombies in chains behind Michonne?
Who are the two walkers Michonne has in chains?
Who are the two walkers in chains?

Where Michonne's Two Chained Walkers and Katana Sword Come From

Later in the series, Michonne has a flashback, which reveals that one of the walkers was her boyfriend, Mike, and the other is his best friend Terry. Mike was bitten by a walker trying to break into the house. Michonne bandages him up, but this is before she understands that he will turn into a zombie. Michonne searches a neighbor's house for medical supplies. In her search, she finds a Katana sword. When she returns home, both Mike and Terry have become zombies.

Michonne is angry with Mike and Terry for getting high, which ultimately led to them being bit by walkers, and resulting in the death of her young son, Andre. She keeps them alive because they were her "last link" to her past life, before the zombie apocalypse.

In Season 3, Mike and Terry start to make too much noise while she has taken cover, so she kills decapitates them. Otherwise, the Governor, and his band of men would have found her spying on them. The benefit of keeping zombies Mike and Terry around, was because walkers don't eat walkers, and they helped keep Michonne somewhat camoflauged from zombies lurking nearby.

Michonne Loses Her Sword Temporarily at the end of Season 4

At the end of Season 4 in the Walking Dead finale, Michonne's Katana sword is confiscated by the Termites. However, the surviving Termites become The Hunters, and kidnap Bob and eat his leg. They plan on harming Rick's group at the church and eating them too, so they come up with a plan to stop them. At the end of Season 5, episode 3, the Hunters are stopped, and Michonne gets her Katana sword back. She is pretty happy to see it in one of the enemy's packs.

Conclusion: Michonne is a pretty tough character on this hit television show on AMC. Zombies don't stand a chance.

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