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The Walking Dead Season 5: Episode 5 "Self Help" Eugene Reveals a Big Secret

The character Eugene Porter, on the show The Walking Dead, is played by Josh McDermitt. In the episode "Self Help" he confesses two secrets to the group, but one of them is a game changer.

Eugene Shares his first Secret with Tara in Episode 5 of The Walking Dead

In the Season 5 Episode of The Walking Dead titled "Self Help" Eugene - the brilliant scientist that is going to save the world - reveals a little secret to Tara. She catches him watching Abraham and Rosita have sex, and they talk. Tara thanks Eugene for saving her life, and he ignores her in his socially awkward way. He then confides in her with his little secret of sabotaging the bus. Eugene confesses to putting crushed glass in the bus fuel line to stop the bus early on.

Tara responds by saying she will keep this a secret, as long as he gets it together and move forward from this. Eugene says that there is a lot of pressure on him to save the world. He is nervous that he has no value if he didn't have the secret to stopping the zombie apocalypse. Tara says: "Welcome to the Human Race, %$&#$%@"

Abraham then starts accusing Rosita of wanting to sit around and not continuing on with the mission.

The group finds a fire truck, and they about to roll out when the truck stops.  Abraham determines that there is dead body parts stuck on the air intake for the fire truck. Zombies suddenly start pouring out of a tire store. The group starts fighting them off.

The Character Eugene Starts to Pull his own Weight in The Walking Dead

Eugene takes the fire hose and starts spraying down all of the zombies, and takes them all out. This is a turn for the character Eugene. Up until this point, he has been helpless and doesn't pull his weight. Now, he is starting to prove his value to the group. Abraham is completely amused by Eugene hosing down the zombies. He said he's never seen such a thing in all of his life. He also is laughing at a note spray painted on the group saying: "We are inside, let them die." The people that were inside are the ones that died too, and Abraham is amused at the irony of it all. He then pulls zombie parts from the fire truck air intake.

The fire truck breaks down again, so the group walks down the highway until they smell a strong stench in the air.  They see a colossal horde of zombies, and the group turns back, except for Abraham.  He says the group needs to go through the zombies.

Eugene's Secret Confession that Changes Everything in "Self Help"

Abraham grabs Eugene and the group starts yelling at the group. In the midst of the shouting, Eugene reveals the biggest secret of all: He is not a scientist, and he doesn't know how to stop the zombie apocalypse. This stops the group dead in their tracks.

Abraham is angered and punches Eugene in the face, leaving him bloodied and lying on the road. Abraham's reason for going thus far has been Eugene's secret mission to get to Washington D.C. with the cure.

This changes everything on The Walking Dead. The group now has little hope that they can stop the zombie apocalypse.


Anonymous said...


So what is the point of The Walking Dead? Is it about building a community to protect people from the dangers around them?
Of course, someone might hope that Eugene lied about not having a cure because the pressure of being a hero falls so heavily on his shoulders. He appears to be a loner who is trying to figure out how to live in a community and connect a hero-persona to the responsibility of being social rather than just being a loner...
I would like to think that the authors of The Walking Dead are trying to write a positive, hopeful story, but zombie stories go in both directions traditionally- both towards total despair and loss -or confusion- of identity and towards restoration and redemption.

Paul Lanier

Zachary Love said...

The Walking Dead follows the protagonist Rick Grimes, a former policeman of the King County Sheriff's Department. He fell into a coma prior to the zombie apocalypse, and wakes up into the midst of it.

He encounters many characters and settings along the way. His character comes a long way in his personal development. In the show, he starts out in Season 1 as a man that will not kill the living, and only zombies because he has to. By Season 5 in the show, he is pushed to his limit, and realizes that there are bad people out there that don't think twice about killing and stealing to survive.

Rick is also concerned about taking care of his baby Judith, and son, Carl.

As for the other characters in the show, they often ponder about "Where is God in all of this?" and "Why would God allow this to happen?" You then get to hear everyone's take on religion and how they survive in the zombie apocalypse.

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