Friday, March 29, 2013

Judge Joe Brown Television Show Cancelled in 2013

Judge Joe Brown

According to, Judge Joe Brown has been cancelled from television. CBS has axed his show due to a 17% ratings drop. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Judge Joe Brown was making $20 million a year. CBS Television Distribution wanted Judge Joe Brown to take a salary cut due to his ratings drop, but he wouldn’t, and his show has been cancelled. It has been a good 15 seasons, and it is time for Judge Joe Brown to say farewell to judging cases on the air with CBS.

Judge Joe Brown is a former Criminal Court judge from Shelby County, Tennessee, but was born and raised in South Central, L.A. He got his degree from UCLA.

Wikipedia says, “Joe Brown is the first black male to preside over a courtroom television show and the first black person to preside over a “long-running” courtroom seres…” Obviously, this statement was before the breaking news that Judge Joe Brown's courtroom TV series has been cancelled.

Other television distributors could pick up where CBS left off, but chances are they won’t pay $20 million a year.

Judge Joe Brown was originally discovered by the producers of Judge Judy. His set is located next to the set of Judge Judy’s in Sunset Bronson Studios in California, and both are produced by Big Ticket Television and syndicated by CBS Television Distribution.

Judge Judy - which airs on the CW – apparently made $45 million a year (as of 2012). That’s more than any other personality on TV. David Letterman makes $28 million (as of 2012) and Jay Leno made $25 million (as of 2012). For scripted drama, Mark Harmon from NCIS is the highest paid television star making $11 million for a full season.

These salaries were shared in TV Guide’s “Who Earns What” survey.

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