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Human Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova and Her Bizarre Claims

Valeria Lukyanova
Human Barbie Doll?

Model Valeria Lukyanova wants to be known as the "Human Barbie doll," only this Barbie doll is the real thing. She walks, she talks, and she shops. She would technically be classified as a human as defined in biology, but some of her beliefs are not from planet Earth. Some of her claims are just downright bizarre.

Many people simply think that she just isn't real, but she is. Valeria Lukyanova is not some model that has been photo-shopped to look like a Barbie. She really does strive to look as realistic to a human Barbie doll as possible, although she won't admit it, and actually states the opposite (as you will find out below). She makes some rather bizarre claims, and doesn't mind getting the publicity for them.

Human Barbie Doll
Image source: Valeria Lukyanova/Facebook

Does the Human Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova Promote a Bad Self Image?

Some people say that Valeria Lukyanova is the epitome of what happens when young girls get caught up in an image of what women should look like and that have unrealistic expectations of themselves throughout life.

The reality is that there is no perfect woman, and all women will have ups and downs in their life. It is a part of life. Comparing your body to a Hollywood movie star is unrealistic and is just not healthy.

The fact alone that she is capable of resembling a human Barbie doll so closely could be false hopes for some that think that such features are realistically attainable.

Artist Nickolay Lamm says: "She is so extreme that people think she's a crazy weirdo and don't look at the bigger, much more silent problem of young girls trying to achieve an impossible ideal."

Yahoo! Shine shared in their article some rather bizarre claims that Valeria Lukyanova has made, which might be part of her way of gaining publicity. HuffPost added even more weird claims to the list in this article.

Valeria Lukyanova May Look "Perfect" But Has Made Bizarre Claims

Here are some "way out there" claims by Valeria reported by Yahoo! Shine:
  • Valeria Lukyanova told V Magazine in an interview that she is a professional mountain climber and spends weeks climbing the Himalayas
  • Valeria Lukyanova told an Independent reporter: "In recent weeks, I have not been hungry at all; I'm hoping it's the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone."
  • Valeria Lukyanova claims that she has out of body experiences. She self-describes herself as a New Age guru that has out-of-body experiences with the ability to travel to other planets and communicate with aliens "using light"
  • Valeria Lukyanova has stated that she has known her husband for 10 years. She is asked if he is human, and she says she "doesn't want to discuss that"
 Here are some "way out there" claims by Valeria reported by HuffPost Weird News:
  •  Valeria Lukyanova wants to be a demigod. She said: "The aim of my life is to come to this planet to help people to realize that it is necessary to move from the role of the 'human consumer' to the role of 'human demigod'..." (this can be seen in her documentary "Space Barbie")
  • Valeria Lukyanova said that she started seeing spirits when she was 12 or 13
  • Valeria Lukyanova says she never intended to look like Barbie. She says: "Even though people call me Barbie, I never try to look like a doll. I just like everything beautiful, feminine and refined. It just so happens that dolls are based on the image of refined girls."

Valeria Lukyanova Doesn't Get Along with Human Ken Doll

One thing has been made very clear: Valeria Lukyanova is not on good terms with the "Human Ken doll," Justin Jedlica. They were featured together in a photo shoot in 2013, where they first met. He then shared the secret that she had only achieved her looks through plastic surgery. Bad move, Justin. Valeria was very upset with him for that. Justin Jedlica openly confessed to having more than 90 plastic surgery procedures to achieve his Ken-like appearace. Upon being "outed," Valeria only admitted to having one: breast implants.

Sadly, in this story, Barbie won't be marrying Ken to live in her dream Barbie house. Her home is on another planet altogether.

Valeria Lukyanova has been part of a documentary called "Space Barbie." It can be seen here.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by ianmacm

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