Friday, March 21, 2014

Almost Human Season One Deserves a Season Two on FOX

Michael Ealy and Karl Urban
DORIAN and Detective John Kennex in Almost Human (FOX)
One of my favorite rookie shows that started in the Fall of 2013 was Almost Human on FOX.

It is a show about Detective John Kennex based in the future, that wakes up from a 17-month coma and has to re-adjust to life on the police force.

He doesn't remember a lot about the raid that left him in a coma, so he frequents a back-alley doctor that induces episodes for Detective John Kennex to recall memories about what happened. His leg was blown off in the explosion, and now he has a prosthetic leg.

From what he is able to gather, his former girlfriend betrayed him and set him up. Detective John Kennex tries to find out why.

John Kennex also finds out more about his father's police investigation before he was killed.

Detective John Kennex Doesn't like Androids

Year 2048. Technology is big part of everyday life. To stay with the times, the police force issues an android to every human cop.

Detective John Kennex doesn't like androids, and pushes his newly assigned android out of his moving cop car, when it finds incriminating evidence on him. It is destroyed.

Police Captain Sandra Maldonado gives Detective John Kennex DORIAN, an older model android, that is more in touch with his emotions than the MX-43 standard issue androids.

Almost Human Season One deserves a Season Two

Rudy Lom (played by Mackenzie Crook) is the comic relief throughout the show, always bringing his dry humor to the situation as he is the resident android technician. I enjoy seeing him in each episode.

The Wall in Almost Human on FOX

The city's boundary in the show is called "the wall," and there are many references to how it is impossible to live outside of the wall. It is almost implied that anyone living outside of the wall is a rebel that is able to survive in hazardous conditions.

One episode late in Season One shows DORIAN's creator go over the wall with the ability to create an army of androids.

As Season One progresses, Detective John Kennex grows attached to DORIAN, and they develop a friendship. In the Season One finale, DORIAN gives Detective John Kennex a present -- a brand new prosthetic leg.

The shows deal with future issues, such as: cloning, cellular regeneration, androids, future drugs, and genetically modified humans. There are many references to Bitcoins as the standard currency on the show.

I think Almost Human is an entertaining show, and would like to see an ALMOST HUMAN SEASON TWO.

The ratings for the Almost Human (on FOX) season finale was 5.6 million viewers.

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