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Sugar Bowl Recap: The Crimson Tide Died Against Oklahoma Sooners

Bryant-Denny Stadium
Bryant-Denny Stadium: Home of the Alabama Crimson Tide

A.J. McCarron threw three interceptions in his final game in an Alabama Crimson Tide uniform Thursday January 02, 2013, losing to the Oklahoma Sooners 45-31 in the Sugar Bowl.

All Alabama Crimson Tide fans are in a state of mourning, and they should be. The Tide fell, and they didn't go down fighting very well in the Sugar Bowl.

The Oklahoma Sooners Lay a Good Ole Whoopin' on Alabama Crimson Tide

The Oklahoma Sooners scored off of every turnover that A.J. McCarron threw on Thursday night at the Sugar Bowl. Most analysts give the Oklahoma Sooners credit for playing a near perfect game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Anyone familiar with the Alabama Crimson Tide knows that coach Nick Saban demands perfection, and will ride players for little inconsistencies and minor mistakes. But now, the season is over, and there's only next football season to get better, unless you are an Auburn Tigers fan. Auburn fans have an opportunity to see their season end with another National Championship. The SEC is depending on Auburn to maintain their tradition in National Champions.

A.J. McCarron Ends Alabama Crimson Tide Career With Two Losses

Many Alabama fans around the water-cooler wonder why Alabama focused so much on their passing game, versus their running game. Some Crimson Tide fans think it was because it was because they wanted A.J. McCarron to go out with a bang. Well, "Bang!" the Tide died at the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners.

A.J. McCarron ends his 38 game career at Alabama with two losses. First to Auburn, then to Oklahoma, with a final W-L record of 36-2. Not bad, but not in a way that any Alabama player wants to end their college football career on.

So many Auburn fans point out that the Alabama Crimson Tide was supposed to be the obvious win over Oklahoma - and they were. But something happened. The Tide fell short, and fell harder than at the Iron Bowl in their last loss to Auburn.

Even Nick Saban admitted that Alabama did not play well on defense in the first half. Well, Duh!

Sugar Bowl Record Broken by Oklahoma Sooners

Quarterback Trevor Knight of the Oklahoma Sooners grabbed the spotlight with 32 completions out of 44 attempts - a Sugar Bowl record - with 348 yards across four touchdowns.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by James Willamor

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