Friday, January 17, 2014

Google Contact Lens and Google X Project Adds New Biotech to Glasses

contact lens with glucose meter
Google Contact Lens; photo by Google

Google Contact Lens is for Diabetics

Would you put a Google Contact Lens in your eye?

Probably so, if you are diabetic.

It seems like a bit of a stretch, because Google just recently rolled out with the Google Glass project. But the search engine behemoth is already years ahead in their next technology, and this technology is still years away from the consumer. This project is courtesy of the Google X lab, which also produced a car that needs no human driver, and the Google Glass project.

Google Contact Lens not an Advancement of Google Glass...yet

But the Google Contact Lens is a little less interested in taking video and photos at this point, and more interested in monitoring the glucose level found in human tears. But don’t worry, if this latest tech proves to be profitable, you can be assured that taking video and pictures is only down the road.

Google shared on Thursday January 16, 2014 that their Google Contact Lens is realistically five years down the road from being available to consumers.

Ultimately, the Google Contact Lens is competing with other technologies being developed to monitor the health of diabetics, so we can finally do away with the pricking of fingers (and other areas on the body) to get a drop of blood onto a lancet test strip.

There are an estimated 382 million people in the world that are diabetic, and this technology would no doubt have a market.

Google Glass to Implement Next Generation Biotech Soon

Despite the fact that the Google Contact Lens is at least five years down the road, the Google Glass project is in existence, and they are about to add next generation biotech to their glasses.

This Business Insider article shares that the Google X team has been in talks with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to add biosensors to Google Glass glasses to monitor your vital signs, which will be interpreted and gathered by Google Glass glasses.

This would prove a valuable feature for those with known medical conditions, and would be very helpful for people with heart conditions.

With Google Contact Lens in the works and Google Glass biotech upgrades, products starting out as a Google X project seem to be very lucrative and help people monitor their health. 

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