Friday, September 13, 2013

RAD Soldiers Strategy Game Review for iPhone and Google Chrome

RAD Soldiers Google Chrome
RAD Soldiers by WarChest

RAD Soldiers is a free-to-play turn-based Strategy game for both iPhone and Google Chrome.

RAD Soldiers Video Game Review

Each squad of weapon carrying fighters has a Captain, who has the power to call in air-strikes and radio down medical supplies or an item called "Less Harma Pharma" which reduces the damage taken by a soldier.

This game is perfect for the video gamer that likes strategy, and has both campaign modes and an online multiplayer mode.

Each soldier has a unique special ability that can be performed, which makes this strategy game interesting.

RAD Soldiers for iPhone

RAD Soldiers for iPhone is obviously on a smaller scale. The loading time on an iPhone 4 takes a few minutes, and if you are toggling between online multiplayer matches, the loading time can become annoying.

The other annoying thing about RAD Soldiers on iPhone is that it is easy to mispoke the screen, or for your finger poke to not register and then the move is not accepted. After having this happen a lot, it can get frustrating.

If you don't mind the load time and the mis-pokes, then play RAD on your iPhone.

RAD Soldiers for Google Chrome

RAD Soldiers for Google Chrome can be downloaded from the Google Chrome store. If you are playing in several multiplayer matches at once, it loads much quicker on Google Chrome.

There are no loading time issues (other than on boot up) for RAD on Google Chrome. It is much easier to play with a mouse than poking spaces on an iPhone screen.

Tips for Getting RAD bucks

RAD bucks are the in-game currency. There are many ways to earn RAD bucks. 
Here are some tips:
  1. Add a friend from an online multiplayer match. This will get you one bonus RAD buck.
  2. Win an online multiplayer match. This will get you one courtesy RAD buck.
  3. Level up. Each time you level up, you get a RAD buck
  4. Beat a campaign mode stage. This will get you one RAD buck.

Locked Air Drops

When playing in Campaign mode on Google Chrome, you may notice some locked crates falling from the sky. RAD gives you three keys for free. There are bonus items you would otherwise have to buy given in the locked crates. After you use up your three free keys, then you have to pay to buy more.

Expansion Maps

Expansion maps are offered in RAD in exchange for either RAD bucks or for payment in real currency. The downside to the free-to-play part is that the cheapest expansion map costs 45 RAD bucks. This means if you are saving RAD bucks, you better save them for an expansion map, since you can purchase recruits with coins, and coins can be won in online multiplayer.

Just by observation, I would like to see more cities and campaigns available to unlock, and some for only 20 something RAD bucks.

Overall Rating for RAD Soldiers

Overall, I give RAD a thumbs up for being an awesome free-to-play strategy video game for both iPhone and Google Chrome. What is even more awesome is that you can log in from either and your account is automatically synced. You can pick up from your iPhone if you want to play on the go.

As long as there is more unlockable content to work towards, then this video game will keep your attention.

Z.Love's Stamp of Approval

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