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Secret Princes on TLC is Very Entertaining to Watch

Secret Princes on TLC

The show Secret Princes on the cable network TLC is very entertaining to watch.

These princes are truly fighting to find their true love - someone that will fall for them without first knowing their title and status. The only problem is that they may have to lie about who they are, and why there are camera-men following them around everywhere.

There are four princes, but two of them claim to be "more royal" (as a direct heir to the crown), than the two from the U.K. They have come over to the U.S. to find true love. They live in a run down house in Atlanta, and are undercover with a fake name and story as they search for love interests.

Two of the princes from the U.K. work as servers/laborers for a local business, and the Spanish prince and the Indian Prince work for a dog business. They have to pick up dog poop as one of their duties. Prince Salauddin Babi of India finds picking up dog poop utterly repulsive and beneath him.

I find the show very hillarious and entertaining because these princes do not know how to do most of the tasks given to them. The Indian prince, called "Salad" for short, has to carry his own luggage from the taxi to the house, and he finds it much harder than it looks. He shares that he has never had to ever do that before with servants at home.

All four secret princes admit that they have no clue how to do their own laundry.

Two episodes into this season has revealed that Lord Robert Walters of the U.K. has no trouble at all talking to women, and is continually stealing them away from the other lords, particularly Prince Salauddin Babi of India, and Ludovic Watson of the U.K., as they have the least experience in talking to women. Prince Francisco of Spain has a good American accent, and does not have trouble talking to women. Lord Robert Walters, (known as "Tate Morgan" on the show), considers Prince Francisco (known as "Cisco") as his biggest threat in the household when it comes to meeting women. Prince Salauddin Babi of India shares with the other princes that if he doesn't find his true love in America, then he will most likely go back home to India and have an arranged marriage as the Indian tradition follows.

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It was also very humorous when Prince Salauddin Babi came into the house and made a big deal over having his own bathroom. Since Lord Robert Walters got there first, he had the first pick of bedroom, which had an adjacent bathroom. None of the other bedrooms had their own bathroom, which Prince Salauddin Babi finds out, and he claims a bathroom on another floor of the house, next to Prince Francisco's room. Cisco points this out in the first episode that there may be some conflict over this 'claimed' bathroom which happens to be right next to his bedroom.

At the end of the second episode, titled: "The Princely Paupers," Prince Salauddin Babi finally meets a woman at a barbecue they throw at their house, and she is also intrigued by Prince Francisco. This causes some conflict as they are both interested in dating her. In episode 3 titled: "The Glass Slipper," these two princes both attempt to woo her interest over the other prince.

If you live in the U.S., new episodes of Secret Princes comes on Friday night at 8 p.m. Central (9 p.m. Eastern) time on TLC.

If you are unable to watch it live, go ahead and DVR this show, because it is very entertaining.

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