Monday, October 01, 2012

Saline Bagel Head Beauty Treatment Popular in Japan

'Bagel head' or 'Spoon head'?

If you want to see something out of Star Trek, you no longer have to leave planet Earth.

The newest craze in beauty trends is the 'Bagel Head.'

Bizarre is one word for it.

It involves injecting saline into the forehead to achieve a doughnut on the forehead. It is considered a beauty treatment in Japan, although there is very little beauty about this new fad. Good thing that it disappears after 16 hours.

As seen in the picture above, the Cardassian woman (on right) has a spoon-like protrusion in their forehead. Often on the show, Cardassians were called 'Spoon-heads' as a derogatory name.

But now, the Bagel-head craze is becomes quite the body modification fad in Japan.

Would you really go to the length of having 400 cc's of saline injected into your forehead? 

The procedure only takes 2 hours.

I'm sorry, but this fad is just creepy.

This technique was created by Japanese artist named Keroppy. His real name is Ryoichi Maeda.

Dermatologist Omar Ibrahimi at the Connecticut Skin Institute had three comments about the risks regarding the Bagel Head beauty treatment:

  • "Saline solution that is too concentrated can overload the body's capacity to process salt."
  • "There is risk of bacterial or fungal infections."
  • "I'd be worried that if people did this repeatedly you might actually, indeed, stretch the skin beyond its normal elasticity, and this could cause permanent laxity."
The Bagel Head trend received much publicity in the National Geographic show, Taboo, which aired on Sept. 23, 2012.

If I want a doughnut, I'm just gonna go down to Krispy Kreme. The Saline Bagel Head body mod. is not for me.

Wolchover, Natalie. Is becoming a 'bagel head' dangerous?

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