Monday, September 17, 2012

Does Robert Griffin III Have Beef With Nike?

Robert Griffin iii, also known as RG3 in the NFL world, seems to have a beef with the brand, NIKE.

Seen in pre-game warmups, Robert Griffin iii keeps covering up his Nike logo.

Why is RG3 doing this?

The answer is simple. Robert Griffin iii has an endorsement deal with ADIDAS, but NIKE is the NFL League uniform supplier.

RG3 wrote "Heart" over NIKE logo on pre-game warmup top

Robert Griffin iii played college football for Baylor University, and won the 2011 Heisman Trophy. He was the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, and went with the Washington Redskins.

Robert Griffin iii playing for the Washington Redskins
RG3 was seen in the last warm-up wearing a gray t-shirt over his warm up top supplied by NIKE.

Robert Griffin iii wearing gray t shirt over Nike Warm up top

Robert Griffin iii does not really have "beef" with NIKE, but has a conflict of interest because of an endorsement deal.

If RG3 is seen wearing NIKE and is getting paychecks by ADIDAS, do you see this as a breach of his endorsement contract?

Some are even referring to the RG3 controversy as "Swooshgate." But in all reality, it is not as much of a beef with NIKE as much as it is that he wants to keep being endorsed by ADIDAS.

There is no beef, people. Just a conflict of interest.

Robert Griffin iii has "earned more than any other rookie in NFL history before throwing his first regular-season pass," according to the ESPN Dollars blog.

Let's just say he has a little motivation by the green he is making to keep his endorsement deal with ADIDAS.

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