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Men in Black 3 is Going Where Star Trek & Stargate Have Already Ventured: The Past

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Men in Black 3 (MIB3) is daring to go where Star Trek and Stargate have already ventured - into time travel, coupled with the fascination of aliens. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Is this formula of Aliens + Time Travel getting old yet?

Star Trek: Spock's ship that went through time
Some could argue that it has already been done in the Star Trek and Stargate franchises and we don't need more franchises going in this direction.

Do movie-goers want to see Agent J (played by Will Smith) in this new scenario?


Will Smith holding intergalactic guns
Agent K (formerly played by Tommy Lee Jones, now played by Josh Brolin), has to be found in the past by Agent J (Will Smith). Agent K has to go to the past one day before he is killed by an alien so he can bring him up to speed on his future self and role in the timeline. Otherwise, Boris the Animal will kill young Agent K, which would stop Boris the Animal from going to jail in the future. You also get to meet Agent W (played by Bill Hader of SNL).

I think this movie adds a creative storyline to the MIB franchise, despite the Aliens + time travel re-hash, and am willing to give this movie a chance before judging it by its cover.

Star Trek (2009) has already changed its timeline by altering the past. This could prove disasterous, or successful, depending on where writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman go with the new Star Trek storyline.

The trailer for Men In Black 3 can be viewed here.

These science-fiction shows either used used time travel or alternate realities:
Fringe - Alternate reality
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Time travel and alternate reality
Sliders - Alternate realities
Terra Nova - Time travel and alternate realities

Men in Black III made $54,592,779 on its opening weekend, and worldwide earned $621,568,042 according to

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