Sunday, February 26, 2012

Denzel Washington's "Safe House" Isn't Quite "Fallen" But Close

The latest Hollywood trend continues in the movie, Safe House (2012), starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.

Safe House movie poster
What is the latest Hollywood trend, you ask?

It's quite simple really. Write a script for a standalone movie, and kill all of the characters in the movie, except the main character.

The last sentence above is a spoiler if you were planning on watching the movie.

Or, if you really want to throw the audience a curveball, even kill off the main character, as seen in the other Denzel Washington movie, Fallen (1998).

Oops. That was another spoiler, if you haven't seen that one, either.

Denzel Washington playing Det. John Hobbes in Fallen (1998)

In Safe House, Denzel fights corrupt government officials, while in Fallen, Denzel fights people corrupted by the demon, Azazel.

So let's recap: If Hollywood plans on making a movie franchise, don't kill the main characters, so there can be lots of sequels, but if it is a throwaway movie (a standalone), kill off all of the characters except numero uno, so the viewers can have a feel good moment at the end.

Is anyone else out there getting tired of the stale formulas and ready for unpredictable movies that are actually good, or is it just me?

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