Wednesday, March 07, 2012

NBA's Jeremy Lin, Can You Get Knicks Another Win?

Below is an excerpt from my article, New York Knicks Star, Jeremy Lin: The Hard-working Hero from Harvard on Yahoo! Voices:

Jeremy Lin on NBA's New York Knicks

Jeremy Lin is the latest among NBA stars to rise from humble basketball roots, and funnel momentum to the New York Knicks basketball team. Humble referring to graduating from Harvard University, after playing without a scholarship, and then entering into the 2010 NBA draft, undrafted. According to People Magazine, Jeremy Lin is the first NBA player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent in the NBA, and as of late, he has been receiving a lot of attention.

Jeremy Lin's basketball career to date has been about a hard work ethic, and not giving up, despite being passed up and passed around without metaphorically being passed to.

But that hasn't stopped Jeremy Lin.

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Excerpt from my article, Knicks & Lin Knock Off Sacramento in Seven Game Winning Streak on Yahoo! Voices.

Jeremy Lin wearing #17 on the New York Knicks
Jeremy Lin is the most trend-worthy news of the month.

Even more so after winning seven games straight since bringing Lin on board. The Knicks beat the Sacramento Kings (Wednesday, February 15th 2012), 100-85.

Unfortunately, ABC and ESPN lock in their televised NBA games at the beginning of the season, because the world cannot get enough of Jeremy Lin: an unprecedented basketball phenomenon. Most of the regular season Knicks games are viewable court-side, or on the MSG network. The Knicks 2011-12 basketball schedule is viewable here.

Jeremy Lin has already been dubbed the Tim Tebow of the NBA, acknowledging that he is also a Christian, with the underlying comparison that Tebow also brought extra momentum to his team - the Denver Broncos - as the man responsible for passing the ball.

Not only has Lin given New Yorkers a reason to come to Madison Square Gardens, but he has reinvigorated his basketball team, and given them a reason to believe. Not to mention that the resale of NBA tickets to Knicks games are up 60% and rising with every win.

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The New York Knicks basketball schedule can be viewed here.

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