Saturday, May 14, 2016

Impressive Diamond Crush by the Hydraulic Press Channel

Hydraulic Press Crushed a Diamond

Trending on YouTube is a video by the Hydraulic Press Channel where they crush a diamond with a hydraulic press. This video is rapidly approaching 1.5 million views. It is quite an impressive and valuable diamond, and they crush it in a matter of seconds. This YouTube Channel has many videos on various items that they are crushing, like a book - which has gotten almost 5 million views. The Hydraulic Press Channel has over 960,000 subscribers.

YouTube Video of Hydraulic Press Crush a Diamond

The video is recorded with a high speed camera that films at 40 x slow motion rate.

Before he crushes the diamond with the hydraulic press, he says, "They say that diamonds are forever, but for how long?" - which is a great line before the crush.

Then afterwards, he says, "Diamond lose. Press wins."

He was actually afraid that the diamond might fly away during the exercise, and that he would then have to go and search for it, but this was not the case. The diamond stayed in place and was crushed.

Where did the Hydraulic Press Channel get the Diamond?

Where did the diamond come from for the hydraulic press to crush?

The diamond came from the Brilliant Earth, who provided the diamond to crush.

Video of Hydraulic Press Crush a Diamond

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