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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 is Going Where Robert Kirkman Said No in TWD with Nick

Nick covered in walker blood; photo credit: AMC
Fear the Walking Dead #FTWD is going to take this prime time soap opera where Robert Kirkman said just wasn't an option in The Walking Dead #TWD. Let me explain. Spoilers ahead regarding Season 2 episodes "Ouroboros" and "Blood in the Streets"

Explanation of how Fear the Walking Dead is Different from TWD

After the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, titled "Start to Finish," Robert Kirkman was on the Talking Dead and someone asked, "Why don't they just cover themselves in walker guts and survive that way in the zombie apocalypse?"

Robert Kirkman's cryptic response was essentially because it just wouldn't work. Or that is what I understood from his response. Another question that he often downplays is "How did the virus get into everybody?" 

Nick's New High is Blending in with Zombies

Fastforward to now, watching Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. In episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, "Ouroboros," the cast is surrounded on a cliff by walkers, and Nick comes through covered in walker blood. The zombies don't attack him. He leads them away after killing one, and he realizes that he has tapped into another world. Blending in with the zombies is his new high.

As a viewer, I am observing that Fear the Walking Dead is exploring something that was not an everyday option for those living in The Walking Dead. Nick is tapping into his inner zombie, and enjoying every bit of it.

Episode Blood in the Streets Reveals that Nick is a Survivor in FTWD

At the beginning of the episode, "Blood in the Streets," we see Nick wash ashore. But why? It's very Terminator-like. He shows himself as a strong character here. He lures a walker into a tent and smears the blood all over himself, and goes back to that place that is his new high -- as one of the undead.

To me, I am starting to see that Nick is not only a key character, but he is also one that will survive for quite some time in this show.

By the end of the episode, we find out that Strand sent Nick to shore to go get Luis. They get into a zodiac boat and reunite with the Abigail by the end of the episode -- just in time to save the cast from a hostage situation on board. Unfortunately, the leader of the bad guys, Conner, has taken Travis and Alicia off the Abigail. Strand is rescued at the end of the episode, right before he dies at sea.

Lastly, we find out that the yacht named "Abigail" is named after Thomas Abigail, who Strand was dealing with (another con man). Many viewers were thinking that Abigail was the name of Strand's daughter or wife. Sorry, it's the last name of a man.

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