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Why is Google Chrome Crashing in Windows 10?

Google Chrome crashes in windows 10
Google Chrome keeps crashing in Windows 10

The question of the hour is: Why is Google Chrome crashing in Windows 10?

Here is a daily log of Google Chrome's performance in Windows 10:
I was using Google Chrome on 08/06/15 in Windows 10 and had it open for up to 30 minutes.  Then, the screen went purple and had the purple dinosaur on the screen - the unable to connect to the internet message was on the screen, with a button to reload the page.  It did nothing.  Apparently, Google Chrome has been having issues when running on OS Windows 10. It keeps crashing.

On 08/07/15, I used Google Chrome in Blogger and wrote this blog post. I did not experience any issues on this day.

08/08/15, I had Microsoft Edge browser open on one monitor screen, and opened up Google Chrome on another screen in OS Windows 10. The Google Chrome browser would not respond when I tried to type in words into I closed Google Chrome, and then opened a new window. The second Google Chrome window worked normally, but the first window was unresponsive. I tried opening up a third tab in Google Chrome, and open It took an unusually long time, and appeared to be slow and sluggish.

Google Chrome Keeps Crashing in Windows 10

Are you trying to figure out the following:
Why does Google Chrome keep crashing in Windows 10?
Google Chrome crashes in Windows 10

Google Chrome permanently crashed on me on 08/06/15, and I don't have a technical answer. The obvious answer is Google Chrome browser has not worked out the bugs with Windows 10.

Google Chrome Keeps Crashing in Windows 10, but Why? 

User Soul Wolfess  posted this on

So I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 two days ago. Everything worked like a charm. Last night my internet fluxed and I couldn't even load chrome, now my internet is stable I can't keep chrome open on 1 single tab for more than 10 mins without it crashing on me. Windows 10 update + Chrome A HUGE problem. It's never and I mean NEVER done this to me. When ever Chrome refuses to load, by this I mean even open to display. I uninstall it and re-install it and I have done that only twice in the past 2 years. But this constant ''Google Chrome is not Responding'' nonsense is getting on my nerves. I have cleared my cache, even wiped my temp files and all my browsing history. Since 9am this morning it's crashed about 5 times. I'm trying to get on with some research and some important work and it's starting to annoy me. I NEVER use Internet Explorer because it killed my PC the last time I used it. 

I am currently on a MSI Apache Pro gaming system, with 12gb Ram and a i7 Processor. Freshly re-installed to Win 10. 

Please Help me =/  


Is Microsoft Intentionally Causing other Browsers (like Google Chrome) to crash in Windows 10?

An article on Motley Fool raises the legitimate question: Is Microsoft intentionally causing other browsers to crash and burn in Windows 10?

This article says the Windows 10 was intentionally created to override the default browser used in the OS system to make Microsoft Edge (their new web browser) the default internet browser. If this is true, then it is plausible to also believe that Windows 10 might also make other browsers unstable.

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