Monday, July 27, 2015

Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Ditches Nick at Proposal and Picks Shawn Booth

Are you curious to find out if the Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe picked Nick Viall or Shawn Booth?

Who did Kaitlyn Bristowe pick as her one true love?

Did Kaitlyn Bristowe pick Nick or Shawn?

Who Kaitlyn Bristowe Picks Shocked the World

The answer is this: Kaitlyn Bristowe stops Nick Viall when he attempts to propose. Nick leaves Kaitlyn Bristowe sad and confused, but Shawn Booth gets to propose to Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Kaitlyn Bristowe allows Shawn Booth to propose to her, and she picks Shawn Booth to spend her life with.

Kaitlyn Bristowe tells Shawn that from the moment that he stepped out of the limo, she knew that he was the one.

Maybe the world is shocked because Kaitlyn made the choice to be intimate with Nick early on in Season 11 of the Bachelorette, when the cameras could not follow them into the bedroom, but it was revealed that they were intimate.

Shawn Booth Proposes to Kaitlyn Bristowe on Bachelorette Season 11

She tells Shawn that she wants to tell him the truth, that she loves him and he never has to question who she loves. Shawn tells her that everything happens for a reason, and that he is not supposed to live his life without her, and gets down on one knee and proposes to her.  She says, "Yes."

Shawn Booth gives Kaitlyn Bristowe a 3.5 Ct engagement ring, and they appear to be very happy.

Summary of the show Bachelorette on IMDB: "A single bachelorette dates multiple men over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find her true love."

About 20 minutes after the Bachelorette finale ended, Nick Viall posted the below picture on Twitter, saying, "U have to love. U have to feel. It's the reason we are here on earth. We are here to risk our hearts #thebachelorette"

Fans of the show pour out their love and support for Nick, and try to console him after its all over.

Nick Viall
Nick Viall from Bachelorette Season 11; posted on Twitter

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