Saturday, February 21, 2015

Apple Offers First Public Beta Testing iOS in 2015 to Fight Bugs

Apple iOS 9 bugs
Apple starting public beta to fight bugs

In Apple news, 9to5Mac and report that Apple will soon offer its first ever iOS public beta for 8.3, and then one for iOS 9 in the Summer of 2015. The public beta is said to only allow 100,000 users to test out the latest iOS, so that bugs in the software can be reported early on.

Yes, this is a way to fight bugs on a grand scale.

What is Apple adding to iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4?

Information gathered from 9to5mac article:
  • The iOS 8.3 is codenamed "Stowe"
  • The beta will be limited to 100,000 people
  • iOS 8.3 will add wireless CarPlay, and other improvements, such as improvements to Siri, a simpler login to Google, and even an update to the Emoji keyboard.  
  • iOS 8.4 is codenamed "Copper" and releases a new bundle to Apple's streaming music service.

iOS 9 Launch will be Smoother Transition than iOS 8

Technology analysts believe that this is a smart move by Apple to offer a public beta, which will allow the launch of the new Apple iOS 9 to be much smoother than the launch of iOS 8, which had lots and lots of bugs.

TomsGuide speculates that iOS 9 will most likely be performance improvements to the software after adding all of the new features added from iOS 8.

What is the Apple Secret behind the Cars in NYC?

One big unknown is if iOS 9 will include a big update to Apple maps.  Motley Fool reported that Apple's secret fleet of cars was being used to improve Apple maps. or perhaps something much bigger, like the creation of a self-driving car. It is all speculation at this point, but most believe it is strictly to improve Apple maps, rather than the introduction to Apple's version of the self-driving car.

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