Friday, November 29, 2013

Is Money a 'Curse' on Celebrities?

Entertainment celebrity Justin Bieber performing

Do you think that money is a curse on celebrities?

Look at celebrities Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, for example. Both have claimed at one point in their lives to be Christians, yet both have earned large amounts of money, and both have been in the news for poor decisions (related to sex or drugs).

Did money make them dumber?

I don't believe a person could blame money for these entertainment celebrities' mistakes. Rather, it was a lack a spiritual foundation that led to the toppling of their morals that we thought they had. Money simply accelerated their decline because virtually anything is at their fingertips. A celebrity never has to hear the word 'no' again.

Is Having Money a Curse?

Simply having money is not a curse. The Bible says the 'love of money' is the root of all evil. Just possessing  money it is not a curse.

Celebrites no longer have to hear 'no'.

You want one? You got it! In fact, give them two of everything.

How can a person stay humble when there is no longer any limitation on what he or she can have?

The only way to stay humble is to purposefully seek God. The only problem is that so many celebrities feel that they no longer need God. In this situation, Money and the pursuit of more Money has replaced God.

If one did not have a regular time reading the Bible before money came into the picture, it is unlikely that one will increase his or her celebrity time after they make it big. God can still intervene in a celebrity's life, but you don't read about it that often.

What Happens When a Person Gets Money

When a person becomes famous and starts 'rollin' in dough' something happens. The people hired around this celebrity are not real friends. They are nothing more than "Yes Men". Many celebrities have people around them that are like leeches, trying to milk whatever money off of them they can. These kinds of people never say 'no'. They push a celebrity to push the envelope, and to make it bigger and better every time. Bigger and better isn't always bad, but in the case of Miley Cyrus, she is trying to make herself a sex symbol. It is backfiring on her, and making her look raunchy.

In the case of Justin Bieber, various reports have shared that his bodyguards go out and find a woman (or group of women) for him to sleep with that night in various cities, if he doesn't make it to a local brothel to hand pick the woman himself.

What celebrities need to do is surround themselves with morally upright people that will give them honest advice, and aren't afraid to say: "No, this isn't right."

Money isn't a curse on people. Their own downfall is a lack of spiritual foundation, and they move farther and farther away from God.

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by cukuskumir

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