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The Amityville Horrors: 112 Ocean Ave. is One Haunted House to Avoid

Amityville House at 112 Ocean Ave.
Is the Amityville House at 112 Ocean Ave. the most haunted house in the world?

According to a Yahoo article, Ghost Hunter Lorraine Warren won't ever go there again, and she has been part of over 4,000 cases of paranormal activity at various haunted houses.

The house and events that took place at 112 Ocean Ave. was the inspiration of the 1979 movie, The Amityville Horrors. There was a remake of The Amityville Horrors in 2005.

Lorraine Warren has been there herself, and out of all of the paranormal cases she has investigated, that is the only house that she would not visit ever again.

A Brief History of the Amityville House

In November 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. killed six family members at his home at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York (on Long Island). 13 months later, the Lutz Family (consisting of George, Kathy and three children) moved in.

A friend of George Lutz insisted that they have the house blessed before moving in. George and Kathy agreed, despite George being a non-practicing Methodist, and Kathy a non-practicing Catholic.

They found a Catholic priest, Father Ralph J. Pecoraro, to perform the house blessing. Father Pecoraro began the blessing as they were unpacking on December 18, 1975. This is when the strange activity began. As Father Pecoraro was flicking holy water and praying, he heard a male voice (not belonging to the Lutz's) tell him to "get out." Father Pecoraro called George to tell him of the mysterious voice on the second floor, and to warn him to stay out of the room on the 2nd floor - this was the former room of Marc and John Matthew DeFeo. Static interrupted the phone call and it was cut short. Father Pecoraro came down with a fever and blisters on his hands resembling a stigmata.

The Lutz's then attempted a second blessing on the house on their own. While saying the Lord's Prayer, he heard several voices asking him: "Will you stop?"

On January 14, 1976, the Lutz's moved out of the house at: 112 Ocean Ave. Amityville, New York, leaving the furniture in the house, to be gathered by the movers later.

The Lutz Family Experienced Strange Happenings in the Amityville House

  • Kathy Lutz shortly thereafter began to have nightmares about the murders, in the exact order and place where each took place in the house. The Lutz children were also began sleeping on their stomachs, which was unusual for them. All of the DeFeo Family members bodies were found lying on their stomachs.
  • Kathy Lutz began to have an unusual sensation that she was being "lovingly embraced" by an unseen force.
  • Kathy Lutz was levitated two feet into the air after receiving red welts on her chest.
  • Kathy Lutz hung a crucifix in the living room, which slowing revolved itself until it hung upside down and reeked of a sour smell.
  • Missy Lutz, the 5 year-old started talking to an imaginary friend in the form of a demonic pig with glowing red eyes. She called it "Jody."
  • Missy began humming a particular tune in one room, would stop upon exiting, and would pick back up where she left off when she entered that one room again.
  • George Lutz woke up on many occasions to the sound of a door slamming. When he went down to investigate, the dog was sleeping soundly by the door.
  • On other occasions, George Lutz would wake to the sound of a German marching band on the radio with accompanying static like it was in between stations. Again, it would stop when he would go downstairs.
  • George Lutz also woke up every morning at 3:15 a.m. and would go check the boathouse. He was later informed that this was about the same time as the DeFeo Family murders.
  • George Lutz discovered that he had a strong likeness to Ronald DeFeo, Jr. and even started drinking at the same bar as Ronald, called The Witches Brew.
  • George Lutz tripped on a 4 ft. China Lion in the living room. This was furniture that was furnished with the house. He inspected his ankle and found bite marks on it.
  • George Lutz witnessed his wife transformed into a 90 year-old woman with saliva dripping out of her mouth.
  • George and Kathy both witnessed a demon with half of its head blown off in the fireplace, which burned itself into the soot during a fire.
  • The Family dog would not go into a secret room found in the basement, called the "Red Room." This secret room was not on the house blueprints, and hidden behind shelving. It absolutely terrified the dog for unknown reasons.
  • Lastly, there were wet spots, and odors of either perfume or feces in parts of the house that had no explainable source (no explainable reason such as broken pipes or explainable air flow)

The Lutz Family lived there for a total of 28 days before moving out, claiming that they were terrorized by paranormal phenomena.

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Image credit: Public domain; by Seulatr

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Robert Tuttle said...

Wow Zack, that's one crazy experience they had there. I can't believe they actually made it a month in that house. The whole scenario reminds me of a movie I saw a while back, although the movie ended with the Father attempting murder on his family, just like the previous owners did.

Very cool post, enjoyed the read!

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