Friday, May 03, 2013

How to Remove Dish Network Auto-Pay Without Getting Charged for Free HD

Remove Dish Network auto-pay
Removing Dish Network auto-pay is thumbs up

There is a way to remove the Dish Network auto-pay without getting charged for Free HD service.

Do you want to know how?

I was frustrated to know that I had to have the auto-pay feature locked to yes in order to receive Free HD service from Dish Network. It seemed to me that Free HD isn't free if there are stipulations tied to it. I didn't want auto-pay locked to yes because I like to have full control of what money is coming out of my bank accounts. I would rather pay them on my time. I wanted to remove the auto-pay from my account.

Free HD should not be tied to whether or not a customer has auto-pay enabled or not. It seems like Dish Network is afraid that customers won't pay if they don't have the auto-pay feature turned on. If a customer is going to pay, you will know it. If someone is going to default on payment, there is nothing that a company can do to stop it. Auto-pay is like having a little insurance to keep customers from forgetting, but if there is no money in that account, there is a kink in the chain.

I was frustrated with the whole Free HD for life, unless of course you want to not have the auto-pay feature enabled.

When I checked my email, I discovered that my auto-pay bill had failed.

What? How Could My Dish Payment Have Failed?

I do not understand how or why my Dish payment failed. I called the Dish Network number to talk with a representative. They did not know why my Dish payment failed.

I thought that to be strange, since the card is still active. So I figured the email that I received was a phishing scam, because it asked me to go to a link and log in and update my billing information.

Implications from Dish Payment Failure

I got on my computer and went to the Dish Network site (not through the email). I logged in and saw some special messages to me from Dish Network in yellow. (See screenshot on right). It says that my auto-pay has been turned off because my auto-pay bill payment failed.

I was surprised to see this message. However, I am also somewhat relieved at the same time. I didn't want auto-pay enabled in the first place, and now I no longer have auto-pay enabled. Since Dish Network deactivates in this manner, I get to keep Free HD without incurring the HD charge of $10 a month.

If you do not want auto-pay activated, and want to keep Free HD without being charged, you would have to  have the same situation happen to you. Auto-pay must fail. Dish Network then deactivates auto-pay. Keep Free HD. It's that simple.

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