Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meet the Dutch Justin Bieber Lookalike: Benjamin Lasnier

Benjamin Lasnier, the Justin Bieber Lookalike (picture from Instagram)

Benjamin Lasnier is the Dutch version of American music star, Justin Bieber. Some could even argue that little Benjamin is even cuter than Justin Bieber at that age. After all, Benjamin Lasnier is only 13 years old, and people are buzzing that he is a Justin Bieber lookalike. Benjamin Lasnier is from Copenhagen, Denmark, and is riding the wave of popularity that has already been paved by superstar, Justin Bieber.

Brief History

Benjamin Lasnier began to upload his picture to Instagram while sitting in a restaurant, Easter of 2012. Thirty minutes later, he already had 50 likes on his photo. Since noticing how popular his photos have been, he has regularly uploaded photos of himself, which are referred to as "selfies."

Fast forward to March 2013, and Benjamin Lasnier has over 2,100 photos uploaded to Instagram and already has more than 762,000 fans on Instagram.

Lookalike or not, with a fanbase of more than 762,000 fans, Lasnier obviously has gained such a following because of his incredible likeness to Justin Bieber. He has said that he wishes to "crack America" with his fame and music. So far, he only lip-synced to music.

Justin Bieber has his "Beliebers," while Benjamin Lasnier has his "Benzilers."

Despite not touting any actual talent, Sony has officially signed him in an attempt to market him to the U.S. in some form or fashion, most likely as a singer. Sony A&R Mads Kjaergaard says, "Every talent starts from scratch. If Lasnier can credibly establish himself and leverage his fanbase, there is 'no limit to where he could go.'"

According to the Examiner, his mother first noticed her son's popularity when mobs of young girls were following him around in public.

Now leave it up to Sony to make some money off of this uncanny resemblance to Justin Bieber.

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