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The Bourne Legacy Synopsis & Review

Jeremy Renner playing  agent Aaron Cross in The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy was a breath of fresh air.

Jeremy Renner was a good choice to show a different agent part of an op called “Outcome.”

First off, I really like this movie because it felt like there was a great plot and story to it, versus Jason Bourne running around kicking everyone’s butt for the sake of making another Bourne action movie. Matt Damon, your time is up. Step aside for Jeremy Renner.


Note: This is only a partial movie summary, because I don't want to ruin the ending.

Jeremy Renner plays agent Aaron Cross in the movie. He survives an attempt to terminate the agents involved with the program after concern by the higher-ups that their special ops programs are about to receive bad publicity. The argument from Retired Col. Eric Byer (USAF) – played by Edward Norton - who has a say on these programs, is that the science has already been developed. They can start back at ground zero and start new special ops programs in the event that Operations TREADSTONE and BLACK BRIAR get exposed by the media.

Col. Byer then makes the decision to terminate the program and all agents involved. These agents have been receiving a blue and green pill. The blue pill is for enhancing cognitive abilities and the green pill is for enhancing physical stamina and muscle recovery by 1.5%. The agents now all receiving a yellow pill. They think that the blue and green pills have been combined and this is the next generation pill. The reality is that this is the death pill.

So all of the operatives in various parts of the world are taking their yellow pills, except for the two on the remote snowy mountain – Agent Aaron Cross and an Outcome agent played by Oscar Isaac. They mail in his blood samples via unmanned aircraft. They are awaiting orders at the remote mountain cabin, and Aaron Cross hears something in the distance. He goes outside to separate because agent training kicks in. Agents split up to reduce the chance of both being killed in a single strike.

This was a smart tactical move, because the Air Force sent in an unmanned drone to blast the cabin with rocket-propelled missiles. Aaron Cross was still showing on the map, because of an implanted GPS inside his torso. He pulled out a reflective poncho and covered it with an aluminum pie pan to prevent the tracking device to give off his signal.

He had to then do an emergency removal of the tracking device, right there in the snow. That’s a trooper, right there. After removal, he stuck it in his mouth, because Agent Cross had an idea. Those nasty wolves that had been hunting him were going to be a new vehicle for the tracking device.
Aaron Cross had another run in with the wolves, and managed to force the Alpha wolf to swallow the tracking device. They then take off in separate directions.

There is another explosion from an air strike, and the wolf is blown to smithereens.

Aaron Cross 1, Wolf 0.

Col. Eric Byer and the command believes Aaron Cross is now dead. We don’t see him again until after a suicide killing at the local top secret research lab. All scientists working on the special pill formulas are killed except one – Dr. Marta Shearing (played by Rachel Weisz). She is traumatized by the mass murder at the lab incident and we see her back at secluded house in the woods, packing to fly to Canada. Agents come to her house and begin interrogating her, but don’t let in that they are going to kill her. After they find her gun, they attempt to make it look like a suicide in her own home.

Aaron Cross springs into action from the pantry, taking out baddie #1 and #2 in the kitchen. Other agents come in with machine guns, and Aaron Cross eliminates them with ease.

Dr. Shearing and Aaron Cross then leave in his car to escape capture.

Driving away they have a “pull over” moment because Dr. Marta Shearing is freaking out. Aaron Cross basically says, “If you think you have a better chance running on your own, be my guest. They have unlimited resources and will track you down and kill you.”

Aaron Cross/Dr. Shearing also talk about the scientist mass killing at the lab. It happened because the top dogs in charge activated a form of mind-control to manipulate the lab scientist into going homicidal. Mind control is a dangerous thing, in the hands of the wrong people.

She then comes to her senses. He wants to know where he can get more pills. He has been without his blue pill for 51 hours. She then tells him that agents have been viraled off the green, meaning they no longer have to take it, but the agents were not aware of this. Having to continue to take pills keeps the agents on a short lease, dependant on their handlers and ultimately, their military superiors.

Aaron Cross is then determined to viral off of the blue pill, so he does not bottom out. He explained that he very smart before entering the program, and that going off the pill meant that he had even farther to fall, and people that stopped taking it spike downward. It would be the end of him.

So Aaron Cross and Dr. Shearing decide to go to the manufacturing plant in the Philippines.

Since I liked this movie and do not want to go any further, you need to rent or buy this movie to see what happens. The ending will not be spoiled for you.

This movie was definitely a breath of fresh air for the Bourne franchise. When the movie ended, I thought it could have keep going, and I would’ve kept watching.

The Bourne Legacy was not just a non-stop butt kicker, but filled you in on the chain of command, and what happens to an agent when a special op has been terminated. It makes you wonder if things like this go on in real life. Probably so.

I did not know the movie was going to end like it did. I was expecting more, and would've watched more because it was a good movie. I look forward to seeing more from Jeremy Renner.

I give it Z.Love's Stamp of Approval for being a good movie.

Z.Love's Stamp of Approval

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