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Green Arrow Saves & Bonds With Diggle in 'Trust But Verify' Episode

Green Arrow Oliver Queen and John Diggle in "Trust But Verify"
In the Season 1 Arrow episode, "Trust But Verify," John Diggle's former military training officer appears on Oliver Queen's little book of men he must eliminate. John Diggle has a problem with this. John Diggle served with Ted Gaynor in Afghanistan, and this target hits a little too close to home for Diggle to sit by and watch.

After all, Gaynor is "innocent until proven guilty."

For sci-fi fans out there, Ted Gaynor is played by none other than Ben Browder. He is most famous for his role on Farscape, and the later seasons of Stargate: SG1. Oliver Queen is played by Stephen Arnell. John Diggle is played by David Ramsey.

The episode starts out with an armed robbery of an armored courier transporting cash. Oliver Queen studies video surveillance to deduce that these robbers have military training. Diggle agrees, but is skeptical that his former military leader is involved in any way.

Diggle sets out on his own to prove that Gaynor is innocent of any wrongdoings, so he takes Gaynor up on a standing offer to join his company, Black Hawk.Security. Diggle takes the job only after saving Gaynor from the hands of the Green Arrow. Oliver manages to swipe a flash drive from Gaynor's office before making a quick getaway.

Oliver later finds that the flash drive contains elaborate map of routes used by an armored transport service. 

As Diggle is learning the ropes from Gaynor, he learns of another ex-military guy that has recently been hired by Gaynor. Diggle wonders why Gaynor would hire such a loose cannon. Gaynor explains that everyone needs a second chance. Without this job, he would be "knocking off liquor stores for money."

~I found it very ironic that Gaynor makes this comment since you are wondering if he is really involved with the robberies.~

Oliver informs Diggle at Thea's Birthday party that a man involved with a failed heist has been wounded, and is bleeding. He knows, because he just foiled their robbery, leaving a man mortally wounded. As Diggle leaves the party, Oliver brushes the inside of Diggle's lapel with a bug to track and listen in on him.

If Gaynor is involved, then his guys would have dripped blood in one of the vans. Diggle goes back to the Black Hawk Security Warehouse to investigate the fleet of vans. When he finds fresh blood in a van, he is sobered to the reality that Gaynor is guilty. That, and the fact that one of the vans has a peel-away magnetic logo covering a fake company. The same van used as the getaway vehicle in the robberies.

As Diggle steps out into the warehouse, Gaynor comes out and forces Diggle to help with the next robbery, or his sister-in-law will die. Diggle complies. 

The next scene reveals Diggle standing in the middle of the road with a grenade launcher as an oncoming van is heading towards him. He doesn't step out as the van zips past him. This angers Gaynor, but Diggle starts blasting the Black Hawk team with his grenade launcher. Green Arrow joins the fight. Gaynor runs, and Diggle chases. The meet at a dead end against a fence. Gaynor calls Diggle's bluff, saying he won't shoot. Diggle fails to pull the trigger, but Oliver Queen zips an arrow into Gaynor's chest, saving Diggle.

David Ramsey as John Diggle in "Trust But Verify" Arrow, episode 11

A flashback to the island where Oliver was stranded reveals that the asian man he thought was being hunted, was really planted by the [bad] Military Leader. It was all a setup to catch Oliver Queen. I didn't see that coming. The flashback leaves us watching Oliver in a makeshift cage on an island at the hands of the bad guys.

Thea's Drug Use
Ever since her introduction to the show, Thea has experimented with drugs at the loss of her father and brother. In the past few episode before "Trust But Verify," Thea has appeared to clean up her act, since her brother Oliver is back. But, at her suspicion that her mother is cheating on Walter with Tommy Merlyn's dad, she decides to take the latest designer drug, called "Vertigo."

As a result of her indiscretion, she wrecks her brand new convertible that she receives as a birthday present. As she is walking out of the hospital, cops arrest her because she tested positive for narcotics.

This is a lead-in to the next episode - episode 12 - where Oliver Queen is drugged and taken captive by the Vertigo drug dealer.

Is Moira Queen Cheating on Walter?
Thea is distraught in this episode because she has seen her mother consulting with Malcolm Merlyn twice now. The first time was right before her father and Oliver left on the boat that went down in the ocean, and now, on the cusp of Walter's disappearance. Thea tells Oliver her suspicions that their mom is having an affair with Malcolm Merlyn. Oliver then confronts his mother, who lies to him, saying she is only consulting with Malcolm as a business consultant.

The Good Guys Bond
One of the most significant takeaways from episode 11 is that Oliver Queen and John Diggle really learn to trust each other. At the very end, Oliver entrusts his little book of names to John Diggle. Diggle returns with "I don't want to know any names in there until you tell me." They become closer as friends and teammates by the end of this ordeal (and episode).

Season 1, episode 11 was good. "Trust But Verify" will be available to watch online for a short time until more episode air.

I give it Z.Love's Stamp of Approval for an entertaining Television drama. 
Z.Love's Stamp of Approval

Please note that Z.Love does not endorse drug use as described in the above episode.

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