Friday, December 28, 2012

Screen New Movies in Your Home with PRIMA Cinema

PRIMA Cinema Player

PRIMA Cinema Hard Drive

The PRIMA Cinema is a personal theater system that allows someone to download movies via broadband at the same time that they hit theaters. This system allows you to watch those movies from the comfort of your own home. A working internet connection is required at the start of a film, but internet connections will not disrupt the playback of a film.

The only catch is that each new release costs $500.00 per movie. This is a small price to pay to avoid theaters and people altogether. This is the perfect system for hermits and vampires. You never have to interact with people again! Although, at $500.00 per movie, I can picture myself inviting 50 people over and charging $10 a head. Or how about 25 friends at $20 a piece? You may want to read the fine print first. Screening a PRIMA Cinema movie to neighbors and friends may be illegal.

PRIMA Cinema is a game-changer. Before, only a few insiders of the entertainment industry were allowed to screen theatrically-released films in their own home. Prima Cinema now allows anyone (with the cash) to do just that. But the Frequently Asked Questions section says that “Members can enjoy films as long as they are available in the public Box Office.”

Does this mean that once a movie leaves theaters that it is no longer viewable on your PRIMA Cinema?
The Prima Cinema has two hardware pieces: the rack-mountable PRIMA Cinema Player and the PRIMA Biometric Reader. After all, we can’t let just anyone download your movies. These movies are secure and only available to you -- the PRIMA Cinema owner.

PRIMA Cinema uses proprietary technology, which comes with 3D support and claims to have better picture clarity and deeper color tones than your standard Blu-ray players. They are also compatible with Dolby TrueHD audio format.

The PRIMA Cinema sounds awesome, but it seems that only the rich will be able to enjoy this product.

Finally, someone thought of a way to legally download movies.

The official website can be viewed here.

An example of a home PRIMA Cinema system

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