Saturday, November 10, 2012

No.1 Ranked Alabama Loses to No. 15 Texas A&M

Texas A&M football players celebrating a touchdown in Alabama endzone

The unthinkable happened to the Alabama Crimson Tide on 11/10/12. They lost a football game. All Alabama fans are in a panic, because until now, we had our eyes set on a National Championship.

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M quarterback is looking like a hero as he threw 2 touchdowns against the behemoth, Alabama. But who said the football giant couldn't be slayed? David slayed Goliath with only a sling and a rock.

Most importantly, this was probably Alabama's last competitive team of the season with the Texas A&M Aggies. The only games remaining after this one was with Western Carolina and then Auburn. Auburn has the worst record in years, and are having trouble beating their own practice team. I'm sure this loss to Texas A&M gives Auburn some hope, considering that Gene Chizik's job is on the line.

After this game, the Alabama Crimson Tide are now (9-1), but don't count them out.

You must remember that last year, Alabama lost 1 game to the LSU Tigers, skipped the SEC Conference game completely, played LSU again, and won the National Championship.

Can Alabama pull off something like that again?

We will see.

One thing is for certain. Oregon will most likely become the new number 1 team, as Notre Dame and Kansas State join the Ducks as the only undefeated teams left.

This is no doubt a sad day for Alabama fans as they lose their first game in a long stretch of W's.

SEC fans everywhere are now scratching their heads wondering why we even invited Texas A&M into our conference. I know A.J. McCarron is probably crying about the loss (see pics) in the locker room. He has a right to cry if he wants to.

There's always next year for Nick Saban, because this one is starting to look like a loss.

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