Saturday, November 03, 2012

Alabama Barely Beats LSU 21 - 17 in Final Two Minutes

Emotional Alabama Quarterback A.J. McCarron crying at LSU game

The #1 ranked college football team in the nation - the Alabama Crimson Tide - almost lost to #5 ranked LSU on Saturday night (11/03/12) in Death Valley. The game literally came down to the last 2 minutes. And anyone that has played football knows that football teams practice 2 minute drills ruthlessly for moments like this.

The score was LSU 17, AL 14, and the clock was under 2 minutes to play. Alabama's A.J. McCarron knew that this game was riding on his shoulders. Play after play, he remained cool as he threw the ball for 1st downs, eeking away the yards until Alabama was able to score their final touchdown. One misstep, and the game would have been in the hands of the LSU Tigers.

Many Alabama fans were nervously watching as their #1 team risked the chance of losing everything they worked so hard for this season. One fan even posted on Facebook, "No matter the outcome of the AL-LSU game, I hope one of these teams goes to the National Championship game." And now it most certainly looks like Alabama will retain the #1 spot in the rankings.

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This has been the closest game by far for the Alabama Crimson Tide in their regular season play.

A.J. McCarron could be seen in the final seconds on the bench crying, and that is understandable. This was a huge moment for Alabama football. He knew that he could've lost it all here at LSU, but yet remained victorious. After this game, there is no doubt that someone on Alabama's team will win the Heisman this year. There is no doubt about it, and right now it looks like A.J. McCarron has pretty good chances at winning the Heisman trophy.

Final score: Alabama 21 LSU 17

More Pictures of A.J. McCarron crying:
A.J. McCarron crying, embracing fellow Alabama teammate

A.J. McCarron gets a comforting hair fluff from Norwood; odd?
One final cry for A.J. McCarron before sealing the victory
After the game, A.J. McCarron gave plenty of praise to his teammates and coaches for all of the hard work that made a game like this possible. LSU was a big contender, and was the closest game for Alabama this football season.

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