Sunday, January 22, 2012

Abortion is the American Holocaust; Over 53 Million Dead

Fetal stage of Prenatal development
Today marks the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in the famous trial of Rowe v. Wade.

I am not a WWII Holocaust survivor, but I am a survivor of the American Holocaust, brought about by the legalization of abortion.

I can say this because a family member told me that abortion was suggested, because at the time, my mother was not married to my father.

I am very thankful that I was given the chance to live, and thankful that God has given me an opportunity to walk upon the Earth.

I want to bring up a video that Ray Comfort has made, called the "180" Movie, and can be viewed here on Youtube.

180 Movie

The video goes in depth about how terrible the WWII Holocaust was, but there is now a bigger mass killing taking place today, thanks to the legalization of abortion. By the way, Adolf Hitler sanctioned the murder of 11 million people.

The most shocking truth found in the 180 Movie is that many younger people have no clue who Adolf Hitler was.
Adolf Hitler

Those who do remember who Hitler was, do not hesitate on the question: "If you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler's mother, when she was pregnant with Hitler?"

Killing a baby makes you no better than any other murderer in the history of time. Taking a life is the same whether it is inside of a mother, or walking on the Earth.

Baby in the womb at six weeks

Above is a picture of a baby in the womb at six months. The safest place on Earth should be the mother's womb.

Wikipedia says:
"Prenatal development is the process in which a human embryo gestates during pregnancy, from fertilization until birth."

"By the end of the 10th week of the gestational age, the precursors of all of the major organs have been created in prenatal development."

Ray Comfort discusses with real people off of the street the challenging subject of abortion, and I recommend that you watch this video regardless of which side of the issue you believe.

Again, the 180 Movie can be viewed here.

Allowing abortion to go on in this country is a present-day Holocaust that is no different than allowing Hitler to kill people in Nazi Germany during WWII.

All babies deserve the right to live. There are many loving homes that are willing to adopt a baby.

I will end with this shocking abortion statistic, since the Supreme Court decision, Rowe v. Wade.

Abortion statistic

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