Saturday, December 17, 2011

Explosive Terra Nova 2 Hr. Season Finale Airs on FOX

Terra Nova Wallpaper; copyright FOX

Terra Nova wraps up its first season with a 2 hr. finale on FOX - airing Monday, December 19th.

This first season has delivered on its promise to provide action-packed, sci-fi drama during prime time television.

One of the most power characters on the show is played by Stephen Lang, who plays Commander Nathaniel Taylor - the military leader of the Terra Nova colony. It may strike an ironic chord with some, because in the movie, Avatar (2009), he played Col. Miles Quaritch, the bad military leader who was out to strip the planet of Pandora of all its resources. But now, Lang's character Nathaniel Taylor is on the opposite side of the fence. While he is still a hard-nosed military leader, now his character is now concerned about the survival of the human race in the past, and will do whatever it takes to stop the money-hungry private interests from the future, to strip the past Earth of its vast resources.
Commander Nathaniel Taylor (played by Stephen Lang); copyright FOX

What we can see from both of these roles is that Stephen Lang makes a convincing military leader, and was brilliantly cast for this role in Terra Nova.

The other male lead on the show is Jim Shannon, played by Jason O'Mara. He is the "Sheriff" in town, carrying out any investigations that need solving in the Terra Nova colony, while also balancing out the role of father to the Shannon family.

The show wrapped up episode twelve on a suspenseful note - Commander Taylor's son went back to the future with plans to bring back an army that wants nothing less than to destroy Terra Nova, and then strip the past of any resources of any value to profit from in the future.

Previews for the 2 hr. season finale on FOX show that the colony of Terra Nova must fight for their freedom, because there is a battle coming in their near future, and it's going to be an explosive episode. Literally.

According to NY Magazine, the ratings weighed in from this season finale will determine if Terra Nova will get renewed for a second season. Producers are expected to pitch their vision for season two to FOX executives to try and keep life in the Terra Nova franchise, after a thirteen-episode run of season one.

So let's hope that Terra Nova ends on a season-high bang, giving it an opportunity to continue its story on FOX in 2012.

Source: Adalian, Josef. Fox Considers the Pros and Cons of Renewing Terra Nova.

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