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Judge Judy and Arrested Development on Netflix

Judge Judy Sheindlin giving the classic double point (above)

Is Judge Judy on Netflix?

Yes but not the seasons of it like a typical TV show. You can only check out Judge Judy: Justice Served on Netflix.

Is Judge Judy on Hulu Plus?


If you are wondering why Judge Judy cannot be found on Hulu Plus, it is because Hulu Plus is not written into her multi-million dollar syndication deal.  A DVD "best of" compilation of unforgettable moments in her courtroom can be queued up in Netflix.  Here's your one good reason to go with Netflix over Hulu Plus. 

Is Judge Judy on Youtube?

Of course you can find clips of Judge Judy on Youtube, but don't count on finding full episodes on Youtube for long-term. These are users posting their favorite clips, but they do not own the syndication rights to the television show. Their clips eventually get flagged and removed for copyright infringement.

Streamageddon Purge?

Netflix has made restrictions to its public API as it is taking certain titles off of its streaming catalogue. Netflix has made it harder for websites like to accurately update which television and movie titles are available to stream. This debacle has been called Streamageddon and "the great Netflix Instant vanishing of 2013." Deadline reports that 1,000 titles will be vanishing from Netflix in 2013.

Streamageddon solved? Netflix representative has said that members of the service will be able to find streaming content expiration dates on the movie or TV show web page.

Which is better: Hulu Plus or Netflix?

This post is not to convince you to pick one online-streaming content provider over another, because I like them both.  But there's another show - in which people are judged by their presentation - and then either given funding and a partnership with a billionaire, or the boot out the front door. This show may be more to your liking if you like seeing new ideas and businesses succeed or fail.  The show I am describing, is cleverly titled Shark Tank on ABC.

Cast of Shark Tank, Season 1
Now if you like watching an entrepreneur being thrown to the wolves, then this show is right up your alley.  But don't plan on watching it on Netflix, 'cause it ain't there.  You will have to go to Hulu Premium to watch Season 1 episodes, and you can watch up to 3 of the most recently aired episodes (as they air this year) on Hulu Free.  This is your one reason to go with Hulu over Netflix.

Some people just go to Youtube and watch clips of Judge Judy.

But, let me share with you the connection between these two shows.  One of the billionaire sharks on the show, Shark Tank, is Kevin O'Leary.  Another man by the same name of Kevin O'Leary - found here on Twitter - blogged about Judge Judy on his website.  His blog entry (from July 17th 2010) claims that Judge Judy has surpassed Oprah with 6.6 million viewers a day, and that her 15th year of syndication was for $45 million dollars a year.  On top of that, her work year is only 52 days long.  He also states that she is ranked on Forbes as the 72nd richest celebrity.

I personally rank these two shows as my favorite to watch, and therefore would have to subscribe to Hulu Premium and Netflix to watch my favorites shows.  No, I don't buy TV shows on DVD. Have you checked Youtube?

Judge Judy (seen above) dividing the truth from lies with her bare hand.

One last thing I must say about Judge Judy: she will not take any lip in her courtroom.  If you are lying through your teeth, she knows and will tell you in front of her audience.  If you get embarrassed easily, I don't recommend taking your small claims case to her show, especially if you have something to hide.

Judge Judy in the News

In March 2013, Judge Judy was in the news because Patric Jones was suing her over china she bought at a discount. Judge Judy bought the china for $50,000. Patric Jones claims that the china is worth $514,421.

Judge Judy said: "[She has] not seen any complaint by the former Mrs. Douthit, however, I don't owe this lady a cent. And if this 50-year old woman would spend her time more productively at trying to find a job, instead of abusing the judicial system with frivolous lawsuits, we would all be a lot better off."

Last comment: In the game, Apples to Apples, the Judge Judy card wins every time with me.

More Content! Read Judge Judy's best one-liners in the courtroom in my article here.

Arrested Development Returns to Netflix

Arrested Development returns to Netflix on Sunday May 26, 2013. Netflix will have fifteen new episodes of Arrested Development Season 4 to stream at your own convenience.

Arrested Development is a show about a wealthy, dysfunctional family in Newport Beach, CA, but received low ratings, and FOX responded accordingly. Despite the low ratings, the show has a cult-like following of fans after only three seasons, receiving six Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. Arrested Development first debuted on FOX in 2003, and was cancelled in 2006.

The cast of Arrested Development includes: Michael Cera, Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi and Jason Bateman.

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