Friday, January 28, 2011

My Battle with Email Hackers from South Korea and Phisher-men from Singapore

Blizzard Phishing Scam

Potential computer hackers
I received a phishing scam email from "Blizzard Entertainment" but the email seemed like it was not legitimate.

First of all, what do they want from me?  

The answer is my account information.

Since I didn't win the Nigerian lottery, they didn't think to ask for my bank account and social security number.  But they want my login credentials.  FYI:  These credentials are gone and exist no more.  But I think the principle here is: no one likes to be scammed, hacked, phished, or swished - head down in the toilet - by bullies.

If you notice in the photo above, I have been receiving quite a few emails from Blizzard and But as you can see in my inbox, only 2 of these emails actually have the certified shield that verify the authenticity of the sender.  Those 2 emails were follow-up automated messages that want me to rate how helpful the Blizzard reps were that contacted me.  All of the rest of the emails without the authentic green shields are phishing emails from hackers.

They are going about this by pretending to send me an official automated message from Blizzard.  Then, they provide a direct link to the login screen (how convenient, by the way). This is actually a "phony baloney" login, but appears to be a perfect clone of the real site.

I was able to track the sender of an email, after a quick Google search on How to locate an IP address in Hotmail. Then I took the code in Hotmail and input this into an IP detection extraction script, found here.  They also provide at that site a handy way to pinpoint the host IP country, and where to file your email complaints of fraud.  So I found out that the true individual(s) involved in this wicked scheme originate from South Korea (Seoul) and Singapore.  And I thought the kind people from South Korea were supposed to be our friends!  I sent an email to the Singapore host and we'll see if they reply back.

Note:  I do want to point out that not everyone from S. Korea and/or Singapore is a hacker.  It just happened in this case that this is where the spam emails originated from.

I attempted to contact the real Blizzard during this process but they were unfriendly and unwilling to help me aside from telling me that I need to filter these emails to a spam folder.  I was hoping to get some real results.

P.S. If you would like to read the history on how I overcame my addiction to playing World of Warcraft years ago, my story can be found here.

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